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“You WILL feel better!”

Clover doesn’t uh,,,, completely understand what depression is. All she knows is it’s making her friend sad, and that means it needs to GO.

‘Ell, sweetheart, it’s morning,’ he gives her a gentle shake. ‘The sun’s coming up!’

Ell’ian groans and rolls over. ‘Tell the sun to fuck off.’

From a scene that I'm 50/50 on deleting, lol! We'll see what happens when I (eventually) get there :)

Linzor's got a uhhh ..... ego problem

‘It worked out in the end; the memoryshare stone’s been useful enough,’ Linzor shrugged. ‘Show a bird something shiny, and they’ll do anything to get at it.’

‘You intend to give her the memoryshare?’ Kay’oten’s disbelief was as obvious as her anger. ‘That stone is precious!’

‘I’ll get it back when we marry,’ Linzor said plainly.

‘If you marry!’

‘What do you mean “if”?’ offended, Linzor raised his voice at the spirit. ‘I am an amazing man! When I ask her to be my husband, she won’t hesitate— who would! Look at me! A few more months and she’ll be begging for my hand!’

‘Right, and the current mala’kala would jump at the chance to have you, too?’ her voice was flat.

‘You say that like it’s unlikely,’ Linzor frowned. ‘Of course he would!’

‘You think he’s attracted to you?’

‘Why wouldn’t he be?’ Linzor grumbled.

‘Well, here she is,’ Toro let out a breath and carefully held out the urn for Ell’ian to see. ‘Zezi Tasuma.’

Ell’ian frowned. ‘That’s a jar, Toro.’

‘She’s in the jar.’

Ell’ian took the lid off the urn and looked in, squinting. She stared into for a moment then looked back up to Toro. ‘Where? It’s just dust.’

I spent almost an hour looking for this in all my files and it was saved by the SINGLE reblog from my friend on tumblr all the way back in 2016,, I'm so glad I didn't lose this because it's so stupid and I still love it so much.

Ell'ian orders a McLizard.


Usually I wouldn't post something so old buuuuut I was REALLY proud of it when I first wrote it and my writing style has improved heaps, and I'm (surprisingly) not embarrassed by this old chunk of text. So, I figured this would be a good thing to post to show how far I've come! Improvement! :D

It's actually in the 2nd drafting stages, but it's so old it reads like how I now do first drafts, hah! It's from 2014. It's eventually going to be rewritten, and I'm excited to one day get to it 🥰

Originally book 1 of Don't Lose Hope was going to alternate between Stars and Ka'harja but after I drafted the book I found it didn't work and split it into two separate books, one for Ka'harja and one for Stars. This one is from Stars' pov!

“Stars! I was getting worried,” Annanyn exclaims. “You’ve been out all night! I thought something might have happened.”

Fabecutt sees Annanyn is holding Little Demon and goes to take a step forward, but Stars puts up two of her hands and blocks his way.

“I told you, no,” she uses a hand to point down the hall. “Can you look after Demon tonight?”

“Oh- of course,” Annanyn gets the hint and quickly leaves. “Sken says we’re leaving tomorrow. You might want to get some sleep.”

Fabecutt sighs sadly as Annanyn leaves and Stars leads him into her room.

Stars takes him to the bed, and gently moves Sunbeam and Raindrop.

Fabecutt sits on the bed. “Why can’t I see him? He’s my son.”

Stars sits beside him. “Because you don’t love him. And I don’t want you to start loving him.”

Fabecutt flinches, then looks at his feet. He twitches a wing. “I suppose you’re here for revenge, like that Ka’harja boy wants?”

Stars shakes her head. “Revenge only leads to more hurt,” she thinks about Dena and Distro’s suffering after they’d killed the Har’pies. “For everyone involved. I don’t want revenge— although Scara knows you deserve a good slap.”

“Since when do you use Scara’s name as a curse?” Fabecutt gives a weak laugh. “You’ve changed a lot since I last saw you… You seem stronger.”

“I am,” she tells him. She sighs and looks at the horns along his forehead. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

Fabecutt sighs. “Neg’an, listen-“

“I’m not Neg’an anymore,” Stars interrupts. “Neg’an was who I used to be… Now I’m Stars, and I’m more me than I’ve ever been before.”

“Stars?” Fabecutt smiles. “That’s a nice name.”

“I know, that’s why I chose it.”

Fabecutt continues. “Stars, I have to ask… Do you… Do you love me?”

Stars thinks for a long while before shaking her head. “No,” she admits. “I thought I did, but I think it was because you were kind to me, and nobody had ever been that kind before. I didn’t really know what love was, and when you came you were kind to me and took away the hurt and loneliness… I mistook that for love.”

“And you know what love is now?”

Stars thinks about Koko and Baku, and Coff and Ka’harja; Sken and Annanyn. “I think I do.”

“Huh… I’m not so sure I know what it is anymore,” Fabecutt puts his face in his hands. He sighs, “I don’t want to lose my family,” he admits. “I’m such an idiot…”

“Yes,” Stars agrees. “You really are.”

Fabecutt looks at her like he was shocked she’d agreed, then shakes his head and looks back at the ground.

“You wanted me to disagree with you?”

“It would have been nice…”

Stars straightens up and tries to be stern. “Koko says owning up to mistakes is more important then sparing feelings. You already had a family, and you let yourself be selfish and kept secrets from them. You’ve done stupid things.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t make things better,” Stars tells him, echoing Koko. “You’ve done wrong, and now… You’re in trouble.”

Fabecutt puts his face in his hands. “How do I fix it?”

”Tell your family the truth, and tell them you’re sorry,” Stars tells him. “But remember that you’ve hurt them a lot and they don’t have to forgive you for what you’ve done.”

Fabecutt nods.

I already posted a short bit from how you find out Krish is trans if you read my project in series order, but here's how you find out if you read it in chronological order! It's got a very different feel to it because Toro and Krish don't know each other very well, yet, and Toro's still very undereducated. His heart's in the right place here, he's just dumb as a brick.

600 words.

cw for accidental misgendering

‘Good lad. … Tasuma, stop staring and go outside!

Toro narrowly dodged the queen’s shoe and hurried out with the rest of the crowd.

He was met by a few older looking guards, who motioned to two tents.

‘Men on the left, women on the right.’

‘R-Right,’ Toro gave a nod and hurried to the left line. He got in place behind a human man, who looked back with a snort as Toro took a step too close.

There was a deep scar across his neck and shoulder, like he’d had boiling water thrown on him, and Toro tried not to stare.

‘What?’ the human grunted.

‘That scar’s, uh, pretty nasty,’ Toro managed.

‘That scar’s, uh, none of your business!’ the man snapped before turning his back to Toro.

‘Right, of course not,’ Toro nodded before glancing around and realising Krish had stepped up behind him. ‘Krish?’


‘I thought that the, uh— The women—’

Krish gave a heavy sigh, putting her face in her hands, and Toro stopped mid-sentence.

He felt the overwhelming urge to apologise. Had he said something wrong? He couldn’t think what he could have said wrong— But the look on Krish’s face told him he had, and he opened his mouth to ask what it was, but was cut short as Sands came out and motioned for everyone to be quiet.

He started walking up the line of men, marking each name off on a clipboard, until he came to Krish. He barely glanced up as he mumbled, ‘I think you’re in the wrong line.’

‘No, I-I’m not,’ Krish stammered. ‘I’m not a woman.’

Now, Sands looked up. Then quickly flicked through his paperwork. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Krish Galia,’ voice trembling, Krish stood up straighter. ‘I’m a transgender man.’

Toro only half understood that meant— He had no idea what a “transgender” was, but at least he knew now why Krish hadn’t been happy at being called a woman.

A transgender man?

‘A transgender man?’ Sands echoed Toro’s thoughts.

‘Y-Yes sir.’

‘Well, I’m sorry for the confusion, that was my mistake,’ Sands quickly made a note on his paperwork, then looked back up to Krish. ‘These lines are only for uniform measurement. Will you be comfortable being measured by another man?’

‘I’d rather not be measured at all,’ Krish replied, his voice cracking with anxiety. ‘I already know my measurements. I-If I could just write them down. …’

‘If that makes your more comfortable,’ Sands gave a nod and motioned to the tent ahead. ‘Go in now and tell Hajir. Just make sure they’re accurate or I’ll be the one he throws a fit at later.’

‘Th-Thank you,’ Krish nodded, and took a step out of line and made towards the tent as Sands continued down the line.

As Sands passed, the human man from before turned to Toro and whispered, ‘You got any idea what “transgender” is?

Toro shook his head.

I thought it was a seces thing,’ someone else whispered.

Y’all are fucking idiots!’ hissed a voice behind Toro, and he glanced to see a felinic rolling his eyes. ‘Read a fucking book or something! By the Goddess!

The rest of the men in front of Toro turned back around and grumbled, but Toro nudged the felinic man to get his attention.

What books?’ he asked.

The felinic shook his head and sighed, the annoyed look fading into fatigue. ‘Gods, you serious? You ain’t just a transphobe trying to fuck with me?

Yeah, I’m serious.

Kazani: a History and Biography,’ the felinic answered. ‘It’s in the royal library. Foxen culture section.

The start of Tru'man's death scene. Trying to get that balance between believable use of their native language, and it being actually understandable to the reader? Actually a lot of fun, tbh.

360 words

cw: death

Setani’Selina made to follow, but Geoff’s mournful cry pulled her attention and she turned to see her brother pressing his hand against their father’s wound.

‘You will be okay,’ Geoff whimpered. ‘I will— I will fix you. You will be okay.’

‘Geoff,’ Tru’man managed. ‘This is too deep. Even for you.’

‘No!’ Geoff’s wings stiffened, the feathers trembling as if they were trying to escape him as he lifted them up. ‘No! No! No no no!’

‘I’m sorry,’ Tru’man let out a deep, heavy breath. ‘I’m so sorry, Geoff’Selulu.’

‘No!’ Geoff repeated, pushing onto his father’s wound harder before letting out an anguished squeal— Setani’Selina recognised it as something seces, and though she wasn’t sure of the exact word, she understood the meaning.

‘Gorg,’ she said as she gently kneed by her brother. She ran a hand over his back and ran the other down his arm to meet his own at their father’s wound. ‘Kosson. Tasa less now. You’re hurting yalfit.’

‘No,’ Geoff whined, not moving. ‘I will fix him.’


‘I am not lying! I will fix him!’

‘Maka,’ Setani’Selina repeated. ‘You maka. Yalfit is in the mup bakti. You know.’

‘No! No!’ Geoff snapped, his worried face now half a scowl. ‘Do not say hakalika things to me! You are the maka! I will fix him!’

‘Geoff’Selulu,’ Tru’man’s hand found its way onto his childrens’ and he looked to them both weakly. ‘Setani’Selina kizza maka.’

The words were barely out of Tru’man’s mouth before Geoff let out another mournful cry and doubled over, pushing his face into his father’s. ‘No, yalfit! No! No! I will fix you!’

‘You can’t,’ Tru’man told him. He took a laboured breath … then smiled. ‘I’m proud of you. You and all your zelkins. You make my world less sharami.’


‘Halki, katka,’ a tear rolled down Tru’man’s cheek. ‘Halki.’

Setani’Selina felt like her heart was being squeezed by a tight hand. ‘I’m sorry, yalfit.’

‘You have no reason to be sorry,’ Tru’man said. ‘Kosson, my rek. Kosson. … Where are your zelkins?’

‘We’re here, yalfit,’ a voice came from behind Setani’Selina, and she didn’t need to turn to know it was Ta’kora. ‘All of us.’

‘What are you going to call him?’ Tru’man asked.

‘I haven’t thought about that. I thought Linzor would. …’

‘Har’py law says that if one of you is the leader of the troop, the other gets to pick the child’s first name,’ Tru’man reminded her. ‘If Linzor wants him to share his last name he’ll have to give you the right to an unquestioned first name.’

Scaychie snorted a laugh. ‘Is that how it works?’

‘It will be if I ask my kekik to tell him that,’ Tru’man grinned. ‘So think of a good name for him!’

‘Or her.’

‘Geoff’Selulu knows its a boy,’ Tru’man replied, his wings stiffening as he sat up straighter; a proud look on his face.

Scaychie laughed at that. ‘I really like the name Kikimarsu for a girl.’

‘Which he’s not, so you need a boy’s name.’

‘Okay. Okay. … Harnlix. After my father.’

She was pondering her immortality and how she’s outlived everyone she’s ever loved, but then one of the diplomats from Turent accidentally farted and now she’s trying not to laugh at them.

Their name is only half a joke.

Ilyris and Tail Hoppers aren't mine, but Loves Cheese certainly is ;)

Mmm the line spacing died on this and it takes a lot away from the reading but y'all can have it anyway.

I'll upload a properly formatted verson somewhere else later & link, I guess. Twitter shows it a little better.

I’m in pain.

Nobody understands.

But how could they?

I sit,


And I don’t say it,

But I’m in pain.

I rarely look it.

There’s always something more important,

Like a sick stomach or a late bill,

Or an up-coming birthday,

And it’s always been easier to smile,


I’m in pain.

And I don’t want them to be, too.

I love them too much.

To put them through what I’ve been through.

But still,

I’m always in pain.

I used to say it.

When I was young, I was loud.

My throat still has scars,

From crying out something I couldn’t quite say,

Day after day after day after day.

And I screamed it,

Though I didn’t have the words to explain,

That I was in pain.

It was different to now.

Before it was cold,

In my chest and my head.

It was a never-ending car ride,

Where I never picked the music,

Because there was always someone more important,

And with scream or a shout or a tantrum,

Over something mundane,

I would see my mother cry,

And I thought it would be easier,

To be quiet,

And selfless,

About my own pain.

But it didn’t stop.

No matter how quiet I was,

I was always in pain.

It changed over time,

As different hurts came.

Now it’s a numbing agony.


And hot.

It burns through my side,

Like the fork that went in my arm,

In the tantrum of one of the ones who always got their way.

And it makes me want to cry out and say it.

That I’m in pain.


I don’t say it.

I don’t know if I can.

Not anymore.

The words are so foreign,

And buried too deep.

I open my mouth to try.

To ask someone,


For help.

I’m in pain!

But instead it’s a laugh,

And I just want to scream.

The words won’t come out.

And I try,

Again and again,

I’m in pain!

I’m in pain!


I’m in pain!

But it’s just more laughter,

And a joke about something that’s not even funny.

Every time.

I’m in pain!

I’m in pain!

I’m in pain!



Help me!

I’m in pain!

And I realise,

As strangers ask me questions,

With distrust and skepticy,

And the corner of my doctor’s eye meets mine,

That they don’t believe me.

That nobody believes me.


It’s true.

I’m in pain.

I’m in pain!


But I laugh again,

And answer the questions,

Fill out the forms,

And thank the few who trust me.

And I’m still in pain.

I lay awake at night,

Trying to coax the tears to come,

So that they might be dry by morning,

And my wife might never know.

But I find I cannot bring them,

Though I know that they are there.

Behind eyes too watchful of loved ones,

And a pounding chest,

And a bed as soft as knives.




And I’m far to good at hiding it.

‘What was their name, Q?’ Coi’Lili lent heavier on the fence, leaning forward so he could look Jaisa in the eye. ‘You are smiling now.’

‘Its name is Batni.’

‘Its, Q?’

‘Yes, that’s its pronouns,’ Jaisa responded, a humoured snort escaping through xer gills. ‘We don’t all use xie and them, you know. The whole point is we’re not some sort of binary. He, she, fae, hir, sie, ve, its. … There’s hundreds of options. Xie and them are just common and easy to use in front of land-dwellers, that’s all.’

‘I see,’ Coi’Lili gave a nod and ruffled his feathers. ‘And xie is what you prefer, Q? There is nothing else, Q? Because if there is something else I am more than happy to use it for you.’

‘Yeah, nah,’ Jaisa shrugged. ‘Xie is fine. I don’t think you could pronounce my pronouns in Seces.’

‘I am part avio, my sweet lovely one,’ Coi’Lili responded. ‘And I have my speaker. I would be able to pronounce anything. Maybe even better than you.’

Jaisa let out another gill-snort before turning to Coi’Lili. ‘Alright,’ xie said. ‘Try this one, then.’

A short whistle came from xer gills, echoing like it was being whistled twice as xie opened and closed xer mouth. Then xie clamped xer gills gown down with a wet slapping noise and grinned.

‘That is your pronoun, Q?’ he opened his mouth and the noise echoed out of him, perfectly mimicked. ‘That is not to hard to say, my dear.’

‘Works as both personal and possessive,’ xie said. ‘But I doubt the wolvens around here could pronounce it without bordering on offencive, so I prefer to just use xie and xer on land.’

‘If that is your wish, I will respect it,’ Coi’Lili gave xer a gentle nod. ‘But if you change your mind do not hesitate to let me know. It is nothing hard for me and I am more than happy to do it.’

‘Thanks,’ Jaisa replied, resting xer chin on the fence and staring into the pond longingly. After a moment xie eyed Coi’Lili. ‘Do you think I would get in trouble?’

‘For your pronouns, Q?’ he gasped. ‘Oh, no no no! Queen Distro would never allow that!’

‘I meant if I jumped into the pond,’ Jaisa clarified. ‘Do you think I would get into trouble if I went for a swim?’

‘I think if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that Gavin likes food regardless of flavour,’ Dale joked. ‘I think he’d eat clay if you’d let him.’

‘He used to,’ Talia replied, the edge gone from her voice. ‘He didn’t grow out of it until he was eight. Eight years old and he was eating dirt.’

‘To be fair, I think I can recall you doing the same!’

‘Oh please; it was the worms I was interested in, not the dirt.’

beefox asked:

how do organise your world building? bee not very good at organization but trying to be better!

Oof I don't actually know if I'm any good at it xD I just use what works for me, personally, with my large-scale project. Things usually get messier the more I work and I need to keep cleaning them up and putting them back in order as I go.

But I guess the short answer is "Categories, sub-categories, templates, and a to-do list with important things in bold."

Throwing the longer answer under a read more to be polite to the dashboard,

You can actually see a lot of my world building on the website I use to host things publically HERE. I tend to actually use the website more than I use my desktop files for it because it has images and is laid out more visual than just plain text documents. You're welcome to click around without actually reading anything to see how I organise things! And also welcome to mimic the layouts or make templates from my stuff if there's anything that you think is useful/helpful. There is NSFW content on the site though (both written and drawn) so I'd be wary if you don't like seeing that sort of thing.

IMO, the navigation bar is the most important part of my website because it breaks everything down into categories that I find easy to navigate through.

The interactive medium of the website makes it REALLY easy for me to click around and find information and make small edits to my world building. I also make sure to keep keywords as consistent as possible so I can ctrl+f anything I'm looking for.

My desktop files are laid out in a similar way in a program called Scrivener. There are also some alternative programs (more) but out of all the ones I tried I found Scrivener worked best for me because it's also on iPhone as well and sync files to the desktop, and I'm always moving from place to place so having a way to edit on the move is an essential thing for me. The program itself is not really essential, just helpful for keeping things from getting lost in folders on the desktop, which used to happen a lot to me because I used a shared computer growing up and had to keep everything on several 4GB USBs, which all got full pretty fast. Would not recommend that method ;(

Here's a screenshot of my binder in Scrivener, though I need to reorganise a few things because I rearranged them on the website and didn't edit the binder to match.

The closed folders have a lot of text documents inside them, each one for something that fits the category. Things that are unfinished are marked with "WIP" so I don't forget and miss them when looking for something to edit.

The "NOTES" file is essential to me. Any thoughts for new lore or things I need to edit gets put into the notes file, so I can come back to it later when I have time to write and put it where it needs to be. I also use it to note if I've changed something (EG, an event date) and need to double check other pages for inconsistencies.

Everything also has at least 2 drafts. The first draft is SO incredibly messy because only I have to understand it. It's usually fragmented notes that I've scrambled together under subheadings and am too embarrassed to show to people. The second draft is organising that information and making it readable and clear (not necessarily good, though). Then I move on to making the information enjoyable to read, though I only do the last part because I'm posting my work publicly. If you're keeping things private it'll save a LOT of time and effort to just keep it clear and readable.

For templates, I use them for pages that I know need to be longer. For something like pages about animal species I may just have something like "Where are they from + variations + dangerous or pet?" as a note so I can add important information. For longer things like sapient species I use something more like this one:

The coding is prefilled for the website layout, so things stay consistant :)

I also have spreadsheets for things such as language. Lots of people make viable colangs that could actually be learnt and spoken but, I have enough trouble with English sometimes and don't stress about making things a real language. My spreadsheets are more like "cheat sheets" that I use for quick reference to keep things consistant. This one is messy but it's the one I had on-hand:

And uhhh that's,, pretty much it for all I can think of of how I organise my world building!

I also use for character organisation and know they have a few features for world building, but I don't use those features myself.

Brought a dragon on flight rising to exalt, but it turned out she was 3 years old! She looks like she was used for a couple of small breeding projects and I thought I'd nudge her back into the market with a quick headshot so she might find a perma-home!

If you're interested, she's here:

3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

Forgot to upload this the other day

‘I’m going to ignore you, now,’ said Ka’harja as he turned away. ‘Nothing personal, I just don’t want to hear you speak ever again.’

I need to redraw this because it's from 2017, but here's one of the best creature designs I've ever done.

Meet the grum, a magical legend in the Rendi that grant wishes and leave behind glittery residue that brings good luck.

Yes those are bald, human legs.

"This eventually led to her stepping down willingly from the position as ruler, which changed the power dynamic of the Heck’ne greatly and was the first step to the Har’py tradition “kan mup mala’kala,” or “eat the bad Prophet,” which is rather self-explanatory."