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Sorry for the long post, RIP.

Some symbols for Ilyris! Each represents both an element and a piece of the culture that they originate from. Needless to say, these took a long time to get right!

Air- Flowing like a cool breeze, and each point like the floating islands high above holding their own worlds strong.

Earth- Soft like dirt and sand, and yet thick like deep-stone and patterned like a paint-spatter.

Fire- Spiked like a burning flame, and tight and rough like the weave of a farming basket.

Floral- Shaped like pollen and flowers, and pushing outwards from the center like a city with no walls.

Ice- Pressing outward like a decorated snowflake, and yet pulling inwards like the a homely tundra villiage.

Metal- Intricately bound like filigree, and shaped like key-handles for the people who prefer to stay behind locked doors.

Storm- Sharp and jagged like lightning, and complex like the weapons and traps of the airborn hunters that rule the skies.

Water- Shaped like spray from a fountain, and smooth like a wave-washed pebble used to decorate an ocean home.

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