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Sorry for the long post, RIP.

Some symbols for Ilyris! Each represents both an element and a piece of the culture that they originate from. Needless to say, these took a long time to get right!

Air- Flowing like a cool breeze, and each point like the floating islands high above holding their own worlds strong.

Earth- Soft like dirt and sand, and yet thick like deep-stone and patterned like a paint-spatter.

Fire- Spiked like a burning flame, and tight and rough like the weave of a farming basket.

Floral- Shaped like pollen and flowers, and pushing outwards from the center like a city with no walls.

Ice- Pressing outward like a decorated snowflake, and yet pulling inwards like the a homely tundra villiage.

Metal- Intricately bound like filigree, and shaped like key-handles for the people who prefer to stay behind locked doors.

Storm- Sharp and jagged like lightning, and complex like the weapons and traps of the airborn hunters that rule the skies.

Water- Shaped like spray from a fountain, and smooth like a wave-washed pebble used to decorate an ocean home.

DND characters. 1 mine, 1 my wife's!

Sealia hasn't quite gotten the hang of turning "full seal" yet. But if she turns out to be as good as her mother is at shifting between her forms, she'll have it down in no time!

“You WILL feel better!”

Clover doesn’t uh,,,, completely understand what depression is. All she knows is it’s making her friend sad, and that means it needs to GO.

3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

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Molly Jacobs

A collab with @cjadewyton! This is a Jacob sheep called Molly Jacobs!!

Let's see if we can make her a popular character!

Some body type variations & clothing examples for the Rythians, in the form of 2 characters!

Feedback from the first designs, combining the features that were wanted, making some edits that were asked for, and showing a few more options!

I don't usually show my character design process with my own OCs so it's real nice that I have permission from Charlie to post these as they get done!

*SCREAMS* Ilyrisian sona's for my and my wife! I was only intending this to be a quick doodle but then I spent 3 hours on it. Whoops!

There's Decitus (ver/vijak) and Pink Painter (tail-hopper/vijak, Pink for short!)

My mum asked me to make a christmas gift she can print on something for my brother & I’m SUPER happy with the initial sketch... So I’m gonna post it.

under a read more so if my bro looks me up he won’t see it


A YCH for my friend on twitter! They're super cool and y'all should check them out!

Twig and Sticks, who stack into a trenchcoat ugly and distracting wizard robe and become Twigsticks

Sticks is @curripuff 's character!