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3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

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Molly Jacobs

A collab with @cjadewyton! This is a Jacob sheep called Molly Jacobs!!

Let's see if we can make her a popular character!

Some body type variations & clothing examples for the Rythians, in the form of 2 characters!

Feedback from the first designs, combining the features that were wanted, making some edits that were asked for, and showing a few more options!

I don't usually show my character design process with my own OCs so it's real nice that I have permission from Charlie to post these as they get done!

*SCREAMS* Ilyrisian sona's for my and my wife! I was only intending this to be a quick doodle but then I spent 3 hours on it. Whoops!

There's Decitus (ver/vijak) and Pink Painter (tail-hopper/vijak, Pink for short!)

My mum asked me to make a christmas gift she can print on something for my brother & I’m SUPER happy with the initial sketch... So I’m gonna post it.

under a read more so if my bro looks me up he won’t see it


A YCH for my friend on twitter! They're super cool and y'all should check them out!

Twig and Sticks, who stack into a trenchcoat ugly and distracting wizard robe and become Twigsticks

Sticks is @curripuff 's character!

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best viewed on a dark background!

Just a rough example for nonhumans for my YCH

*whoops* I forgot to post this yesterday

This is the raffle prize that @opportunity won!