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‘Are you real?’ she asked.

Scaychie hesitated. ‘What?’

‘Are you real?’

‘I.... Uh, yeah.’

‘Oh, good!’ the woman stood up straighter, tucking her wings behind her back and pushing her hair out of her eyes. ‘Sometimes it’s hard to tell. You know?’

Little goat, using a photo of our boy Bean as a ref! :D Bean's been disbudded & doesn't have horns, but I added them because I'm putting this design on my redbubble & it helps it be more immediately recognisable :)

plus side to having a small tablet is you can lay down on you side in bed and draw

Sunny & Sandy, when Sunny is turned back into a seagull (& a bonus of Sandy being human)

Redrew some of the art for the soulstone page! Not sure why the regular blue one... Ended up with a 400px res instead of a 800px res when I used the same file as a base for everything, but.......... somehow it did, lmao

Original under cut:

Coniferie are a race of sapient plant-people who inhabit the continent of Furot to the south of Keos Leesa. They have a large variety of dimorphism in their body types; from tiny bushy critters, to woody humanoid trees, to giant hulking monster-like beasts made of vine.

The acian are a swamp-dwelling, crablike people who inhabit the continent of Taya Makiki to the west of Das and Leng’sor.

Not much is known about the acian people as they communicate in a language that is unknown to Sentients.

Pheeeeeeew. Everyone is sketched! Just gotta clean up some of them, then I cna go into the line art :)

Quickly redid something from 2009. I decided to only let myself use default brushes/effects instead of drawing everything by hand, same as I did with the original :D & I had fun with it! A nice way to relax between serious work

Obviously not my best, but that was the point haha!