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The Dassen Origin is a story known by both dassen and zokex races. It’s a tale that took place before the awakening of The Goddess Scara, back when Das was still whole and unshattered by the Island Mover. It’s the tale of a shape shifting zokex, named Adoration, who started a nurlak-worshipping cult. The cult did a lot of morally questionably actions during their formative years and, after being banished from zokex society, moved on to outright horrible acts. Their most famous crime was the mutilation and murder of a young nurlak child whose body they used to create a form-changing potion. This potion was supposed to turn the members of the cult into nurlaks, but due to the brutal nature of the murder, the ancient nurlak gods punished the zokex and their potion only half-worked, leaving them stuck halfway between nurlak and zokex; the first dassens.

[also my fave paragraph from the story's below the cut]

cw: gore / death

It wasn’t long before the cult began to test their boundaries, and Adoration did the unforgivable. The old sun set in orange and pink, and in the dimming light of the night she stole a nurlak out a temple’s window. A child, no more than a decade old, who was stripped of their skin while still alive and torn apart by the ravenous dragons. The blood and flesh of the young one was used to create a serum of change. Magic imbued into them from the gory ritual, the zokex shared the foul drink and called to the nurlak gods for their rewards. The serpents were disgusted.

"More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds."

Siren-raided boat...

There's one survivor still on board. Poor thing.

The opening of Stars' third eye (literally)

For context, Stars is a nurlak; a four-eyed race of humanoids. However, Stars was born with her second set of eyes imperforated, meaning her eyelids were fused together at birth. She was never treated for it and her second set of eyes were always just sort of under the closed lids.

There's an accident when she's training with Baku, and she's nicked by the tip of his sword... And it doesn't go well.

cw: blood / gore / facial injury / pus / general gross stuff

Baku swung his sword the way he'd said he would and Ka’harja held his breath. It was his first swing that could actually hit Stars; the first serious lesson. If she didn’t move out of the way or block Baku’s sword it would get her in the chest. … Sure, her chain mail would block the worst of it, but Ka’harja couldn’t stop imagining it tearing as if it were paper.

Stars made for the block. She stepped back and lifted her own sword in one motion, preparing to expertly block Baku’s swing. But at the last second Stars’ foot slid on a rock; her ankle twisted and she dropped her sword as she fell to her knee.

Baku stumbled back awkwardly, too far through his swing to halt. The tip of his sword barely tapped Stars’ face and Ka’harja sighed with relief. At worst she’d have a cut on her forehead, at best it would just be a light scratch…

But then Stars fell forward, gripping her forehead and screaming, and Ka’harja leapt to his feet.

‘It hurts!’ Stars exclaimed. ‘Baku! Help me! It hurts!’

‘It’s just a scratch,’ Baku tried to comfort Stars. He stepped to her side and put a hand to her shoulder. ‘It’ll hurt for a bit but it’s not—’

Baku’s pause made Ka’harja’s chest tighten. His heart felt like it was going to explode as he raced over to Stars.

She still clutched at her head and blood oozed between her fingers; lots of blood. Too much blood. And there was another, pus-like liquid. Yellow-brown and thick, Ka’harja could smell its rank oder as he reached out and grabbed Stars’ arm.

She squeaked and pulled away as Ka’harja tried to see what Baku’s sword had done.

‘It hurts!’ she repeated. ‘It hurts like fire and scratches and punches all at once!’

‘Get Coff,’ Ka’harja demanded to Baku.

Baku nodded and started back to the caravan.

Ka’harja tried to coax Stars off the ground, but she refused to move. Tears streamed down her face and she struggled as Ka’harja forced her to her feet and dragged her towards the caravan.

‘Stars, you’re hurt!’ said Ka’harja, his voice breaking. ‘You have to get to Coff!’

Stars shook her head and collapsed to her knees again. She trembled for a second before looking up to Ka’harja. ‘How bad is it?’ she asked nervously.

Ka’harja watched in horror as she slowly pulled her hand away from her forehead. Blood and pus trailed after it, sticky and stringy like too-thick gravy. It dripped down her arm and face and she had to wink her eye to stop the blood from getting in it. The small cut Baku had made had torn open wider and jagged-edged skin sliced across almost half of Stars’ forehead.

Ka’harja nearly threw up when he saw the wound. ‘Bad.’

A scene from about ... book 8(?) of Don’t Lose Hope. Luana stands up to the ghost of Kay’oten. Mild warning for gore(??)


Slowly, she shook her head. ‘No.’

‘What did you say to me?’

Luana took in a deep breath, setting her jaw and trying to stand tall as her trembling legs threatened to give out on her. She hesitated, holding her breath just long enough to hurt her lungs before slowly letting it out in an exhale that quivered in the dark silence.

Then she met Kay’oten’s eye and the spirit understood.

She inhaled slowly; closing her eyes and folding back her ears as she did.

Luana took a step back. Should she walk away? Now seemed the time to leave. But she felt something as Kay’oten’s too-long breath slowed to a stop. A dark feeling that tickled the feathers along her arms as her gut wrenched sideways as if to leave the alley on its own. She took a step back, ready to follow it—

Then Kay’oten’s eyes snapped open and Luana realised it was too late.

The screech was so loud Luana hardly heard it. She might have thought it was silent, if not for the sudden ringing in her ears and the shattering of windows above her.

Rats fell from their hiding places along the alley’s walls; convulsing in silent pain as cold blue blood sprayed from the place Kay’oten’s head used to be.

It spattered into Luana’s face and mouth and Luana realised she was screaming— Then it stopped. And Luana found herself stumbling in place, too shocked and hurt to collapse.

The ringing in her ears faded as quickly the cold blue glow that had filled the alley only minutes before, and she finally managed to breathe again.

‘Look what you’ve done!’ Kay’oten hissed, her headless torso swinging around to face away from the young girl.

Luana watched, frozen in place, as Kay’oten retrieved a strange ball from the ground. It took Luana a moment to realise that Kay’oten’s voice had come from the ball and not her body— And then another to realise it wasn’t a ball at all.

She stumbled back with a gasp when she realised what it was.

‘Don’t you dare run away, Luana,’ calmer, Kay’oten straightened, and slowly placed the lump of bone and flesh back in place.

Nothing happened. Not at first. Then, slowly, the crushed skull began to realign itself, and Kay’oten turned to glare at Luana; herself again.

‘If you run, I’ll kill you. I will come after you, and not even your mother will be able to stop me.’