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3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

Forgot to upload this the other day

Something for my Redbubble! ❤

It’s my wife’s Wooloo. Wenf (supposed to be “Wendy” but she was too excited to type properly)

a WIP for a dragon I'm training to level 25 :)

bee gene takes FOREVER but I'm nailing it!

‘I’ll show you what’s in my hand if you come out,’ Sensin said, holding out a lightly closed fist.

Centela looked warily at the adult, and frowned. ‘What is it?’

‘You have to come look!’ he said. Then he beckoned Elli over, and let her peak in his hand.

‘Ooh,’ she breathed with awe.

Centela felt himself pulled curiously towards Sensin and slowly, he edged out from under the bushes. ‘What is it?’

‘Come look,’ Sensin repeated, waving his hand in a way that was far too tempting for Centela to resist.

He hurried to Sensin’s side and grabbed his wrist, peering at his hand. ‘Show me!’

Slowly, Sensin opened his hand to reveal nothing.

Centela felt his scales ice over, and he turned to sprint away— But was too slow. He struggled in Sensin’s grasp, screaming, ‘IT WAS A TRAP! A TRAP WAS IN YOUR HAND!’

*slides another excerpt at you, this one’s actually cute*

”Geoff” is mispronounced as “jee-off” because his mother’s deaf and learnt the name through sign language from visiting humans!

Also oof context: I’m aware Geoff’s speech isn’t realistic for a human toddler. It’s done deliberately because he’s part avio and they process speech differently!

‘What?’ Scaychie was taken aback. ‘You want me to … babysit?’

‘Yes. I would appreciate it,’ he said sweetly, nipping Scaychie’s cheek. ‘It has been quite a few nights since Eish’lee and I were able to be alone together. Setani’Selina is asleep in her resting place, try not to wake her when Geoff’Selulu gets tired.’

‘Why me?’

‘No other girl is making milk,’ Tru’man replied with a shrug. ‘At least, none I trust with my children. … And I thought you would enjoy a night away from Linzor.’

Scaychie couldn’t argue. A night away from the Orange Beast sounded like a gift from the gods. …

‘Milk!’ two voices cried out from Scaychie’s arms, and her gaze shot down to look at the wiggly little boy.

‘Oh, yes, he’s figuring out how to use his speaker,’ Tru’man chuckled, nipping his son on the nose. ‘You’re very talented, aren’t you? Behave for kekik Scaychie.’

‘Yalfit!’ Geoff’Selulu responded, his voice echoing as if he was speaking for two people as he tried to grab his father’s hair. ‘Kan!’

‘Yes, kekik Scaychie will let you kan,’ Tru’man dodged his son’s tiny hands and grinned at Scaychie. ‘He wants to eat.’

‘I’ll feed him,’ Scaychie reassured. ‘You go.’

Tru’man nodded and turned, putting his arm around Eish’lee as they wandered into the distance.

‘Kekik?’ Geoff’Selulu’s voice broke. ‘Kekik kan? Milk? Kekik going?’

Scaychie tapped the bump on his throat gently. ‘Scaychie gives you kan.’

‘Milk!’ he said, in his usual voice. Then he opened his mouth wide and a second voice, higher than before, escaped him. ‘Meelk!’

‘Yes, milk!’ Scaychie replied.

‘Milk!’ Geoff’Selulu cried out before nuzzling against Scaychie’s shawled-covered chest with enthusiasm. ‘Now!’