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The Dassen Origin is a story known by both dassen and zokex races. It’s a tale that took place before the awakening of The Goddess Scara, back when Das was still whole and unshattered by the Island Mover.

‘What was it you used to call me?’ she asked, a tired sigh making her seem smaller. ‘I can’t remember.’

‘Honeysuckle,’ Taldurl’s voice was scarcely a whisper as he pressed against his wife, his lips almost touching her neck. ‘It was honeysuckle.’

Was working on this last night but stopped to go for a drive with my wife

I’m gonna try and draw something from scratch before I work more on this, so a 6~ month old sketch isn’t the first finished piece of the year

Also for those who aren’t familiar with wheelchairs; LD has an independent chair, Viti has a dependent chair. I’ve been trying to get the hang on drawing both but I’ve only got personal experience with dependent chairs SO that one came out a bit better

The Dassen Origin is a story known by both dassen and zokex races. It’s a tale that took place before the awakening of The Goddess Scara, back when Das was still whole and unshattered by the Island Mover. It’s the tale of a shape shifting zokex, named Adoration, who started a nurlak-worshipping cult. The cult did a lot of morally questionably actions during their formative years and, after being banished from zokex society, moved on to outright horrible acts. Their most famous crime was the mutilation and murder of a young nurlak child whose body they used to create a form-changing potion. This potion was supposed to turn the members of the cult into nurlaks, but due to the brutal nature of the murder, the ancient nurlak gods punished the zokex and their potion only half-worked, leaving them stuck halfway between nurlak and zokex; the first dassens.

[also my fave paragraph from the story's below the cut]

cw: gore / death

It wasn’t long before the cult began to test their boundaries, and Adoration did the unforgivable. The old sun set in orange and pink, and in the dimming light of the night she stole a nurlak out a temple’s window. A child, no more than a decade old, who was stripped of their skin while still alive and torn apart by the ravenous dragons. The blood and flesh of the young one was used to create a serum of change. Magic imbued into them from the gory ritual, the zokex shared the foul drink and called to the nurlak gods for their rewards. The serpents were disgusted.

Centy's proportions are very,, off. But that's okay! I still like this doodle enough to post

"I have asthma [...] I'm lucky I didn't die getting here."

Cottonflower leaves treat a lot of different things. Tyreset is just lucky that Tru'man was able to get permission from Ali'ka to harvest the plants for her treatment while she was in Heck'ne.

Is drawing my OCs over the top of memes necessary? No.

Is it a whole lot of fun? Yes.

‘You beckoned me, beast?’

Scaychie, looking mad at someone off-screen (probably Linzor)

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Captain Kurrosa.

Not posting much about her coz she's with a thing for my friends, but she's fun to work with.

Don’t let the fact she looks like she’s in her 20s fool you... She’s actually 55.

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Absolute hellspawn of a 14 year old. Joins some pirates because they let her have a cool-looking knife.

Dassen Settlements

When a young dassens’ horns start to grow in, they leave their family to join a new settlement filled with others their own age. Some dassens wait a few years after their horns begin growing before leaving with their friends or siblings from their birth-settlement.

When forming settlements, it is not uncommon to find elders from old, diminishing settlements that are unable to care for themselves properly. It is considered an honour to take elders into a new settlement, as the elders have experience they can pass down to the young, and in turn they receive the care they need to survive.

It is not difficult to tell when an area is inhabited by dassens; adolescents and elders alike enjoy scratching their horns against trees and rocks and use this as a way to mark their borders.

New borders are easy to separate from the scratches of older settlements. Older borders have deeper marks, the grooves being marked again and again, while newer settlements have less uniform scratches as the youngsters try and figure out how to mark their borders properly. This makes it easier for dassens seeking new settlements to find homes.

Because of the tradition of leaving home at a young age, there are hundreds of abandoned dassen villages found across Das, and structures are built to only last a generation or two. Sometimes dassens will move into an old settlement and fix up any remaining buildings; though it is more common to simply pull down anything old and rebuild from scratch, ensuring the strength of the new structures.

Traditionally, dassens have small hutlike houses they use to store their property and sleep in during rains. These houses can either be built on the ground or in the trees; depending entirely on the dassen who builds it. The houses will usually have two doors; one in the roof that opens into the canopy, and one in the front that will open onto solid ground, a balcony, or a ladder.

Although they have houses, most dassens prefer to sleep in hammocks suspended above their houses in the very tops of the trees; where they can view the skies through the foliage overhead.

Occasionally, dassens will live on a beach instead of the inner-island. These dassens will gravitate towards cliffside caves for homes; sleeping in nests on the rocks that jut out or suspending their hammocks between stalactites. Though not as comfortable as treetop houses, these caves are generally safer from predators.

A normal dassen settlement can have anywhere between 40 and 100 dassens, though some older settlements have been known to merge into colonies with upwards of 300 members. Groups of dassens smaller than 40 usually find it difficult to survive and will travel and seek out other groups to merge with.

Despite the large size of some settlements, it is rare for a dassen to not know everyone in their community by name. Their settlements are like family; the bonds between members of a settlement that has formed over time are usually stronger than those of dassens born into settlements. Secrets are rare among members of the same settlement, and crime is even rarer.

Different dassen settlements don’t often talk amongst each other, even if they get along, and will generally only meet along their borders in order to trade. Trades are often a collaborative effort for services and items, such as giving the meat and bones of a deer and in return having its skin pressed into leather to use for clothing.

Because dassens leave their families every generation, they have no use for last names, and instead will often go by their settlement’s name (e.g, Sasila from the West Island Settlement) or profession (e.g, hunter Galisanti) if they need to differentiate between people with the same name.

Centela stole a bunch of stuff as a kid and got caught. One of the things he took was Elli’s diary- but only because his father had taken it first, and Centy didn’t want him reading it.

cw: implied abuse / implied stalking (sort of??)

‘You took my diary?’ Elli sighed, and Centela nodded. ‘You didn’t read it?’

‘No!’ Centela exclaimed. ‘I only took it so that—’

Elli stared as Centela cut off. Slowly, she prompted him to continue, ‘So that what?’

‘Nobody else would read it.’

Elli sighed out her nose. ‘It was in my room, Centela—’

‘—No it wasn’t!’

‘No?’ Elli asked. ‘Then where was it?’

Centela clamped his mouth shut.

‘Centela,’ Elli said firmly. ‘Give me an answer.’


‘Why not?’

‘Because I don’t like lying to you!’ Centela replied. ‘And I can’t tell you where I found it. So I’m not going to answer you.’

Elli was quiet for a long moment. Then her ears flicked back and she scowled. ‘Linzor had it, didn’t he?’

Centela covered his mouth and turned away.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell him,’ Elli tucked the book under her arm and sighed. She gently turned Centela back so she could kiss him on the cheek. ‘Thanks for keeping it safe.’

‘You look an awful lot like …’ Distro muttered.

‘L-Like what?’ Centela squeaked.

‘Like a yummy little boy!’ she teased, opening her snout wide and snapping it shut right by his arm.

Centela let out a shriek and ran to his mother. He hid behind her, and let out a snarl that he knew sounded cowardly and not at all brave.

Scaychie just gave a weak, tired smile. ‘She was just joking, Centela. She’s not going to eat you.’

‘Then she shouldn’t say it!’ Centela cried. ‘Kaka mia mal sasao! Kaka! Mia! Mal! Sasao!’

Distro let out a hearty laugh and slipped off her throne. ‘A true Har’py at heart, isn’t he? I haven’t heard that saying in a long time. Alright. I won’t make up whispers anymore.’

This scene is old, but good, and I can’t wait to get to rewriting it ;u; Sadly it’s in book 2 though, so it’s gonna take forever to get to.

Stars and Raidus meet, and Raidus immediately starts flirting with her (and she loves it)

‘Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Raidus chuckled. ‘I was just talking with your friend over there and couldn’t help noticing such a beautiful girl out here on her own.’

‘He’s actually my brother. But thank you,’ Stars mumbled, brushing her hair out of her eyes with a hand. ‘You look nice as well.’

‘Thanks, I’m Raidus Yuitami,’ he grinned and held out his hand.

‘Stars Beesa,’ Stars shook it gently, then glanced around. ‘My son is around somewhere. His name is Little Demon.’

‘Little Demon?’ Raidus chuckled. ‘That’s an unusual name.’

‘We’re an unusual family,’ Stars said, blushing.

‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Raidus replied. ‘Where’s his father?’

‘I’reka,’ said Stars. ‘He’s got another family to live with. And I think even if he didn’t, Ka’harja wouldn’t let him live here.’

Raidus looked awkward for a second before his grin came back. ‘Sounds like my cousin.’

Stars laughed at that.

‘You know, I’ve got royal blood in me. Do you have any royal in you?’

‘No, I don’t.’

‘Would you like some?’ he asked.

Stars’ ears twitched curiously. ‘What do you mean?’

Raidus gave her a wink, and a cheeky grin, and Stars seemed to realise what he meant.

Her ears stuck upright and she bit her lip, blush creeping along her cheeks until her face was bright pink.

‘Is that a yes?’ Raidus chuckled, leaning closer.

Stars giggled and covered her face with her hands.

Raidus gently pulled her hands away and bent down enough that he could bump his nose into hers.

She let out another giggle, and looked away. ‘I— excuse me for a moment.’

Raidus let her slip away and she hurried over to Ka’harja.

‘Ka’harja!’ she exclaimed. ‘Have you met Raidus?’

‘Yes, I met him,’ Ka’harja had to grab Stars’ arms to stop her jumping up and down. ‘Stars, he’s basically a straight version of me. You don’t want to do this to yourself.’

AFGGDDGFD I just found this in my first draft and it perfectly sums up Linzor’s personality. Like PERFECTLY.

it gets to skip the queue because it made me giggle

‘I drew this one of you and Centela!’

Linzor looked at it for a long while before snorting, ‘It’s not very good, is it?’

‘LINZOR!’ Elli exclaimed. ‘Mingan, sweetie, don’t listen to him!’

Linzor rolled his eyes. ‘What? It’s not like she’s at a professional level or anything. I’m just being honest.’

‘Linzor she’s SIX!’