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‘Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Raidus chuckled. ‘I was just talking with your friend over there and couldn’t help noticing such a beautiful girl out here on her own.’

‘He’s actually my brother. But thank you,’ Stars mumbled, brushing her hair out of her eyes with a hand.

As she looked around awkwardly, Raidus glanced back at Ka’harja and gave him a confused look, mouthing, she’s your sister?

Ka’harja nodded, frowning, and motioned to his throat. Raidus obviously understood the threat— But seemed to think it was funny as his grin reappeared, much to Ka’harja’s annoyance.

‘You look nice as well,’ Stars finally managed, bringing Raidus’ attention back to her.

plus side to having a small tablet is you can lay down on you side in bed and draw

2 little bits from the prologue of the second book in Don't Lose Hope! Ka'harja is 11 here. Just a bab!

I cut out the middle bit because I just want to show off these two scenes, specifically, of Distro being a better mother than Kay'oten.

cw: child abuse mention

‘Not that way,’ Distro let out a laugh. ‘It’s not time for bed yet.’

‘Ith not?’ groaned Ka’harja. He wasn’t sure what else there was to do; gathering firewood had been his last chore for the day.

‘Not if you want to learn how to make potions, it’s not,’ Distro winked at the boy.

‘I’m too tired to read,’ Ka’harja told her. ‘I’ll do twi-th ath much reading tomorrow. I promith.’

‘I was thinking about a more hands-on exercise.’

Ka’harja’s heart skipped a beat. ‘You’re going to let me make a po-thon?’

‘Unless you’d rather go to bed—’

‘—NO!’ Ka’harja didn’t feel tired anymore. ‘I WANT TO MAKE A PO-THON! What po-thon am I going to make? Invi-thability? Levita-thon? Explo-tionth?’

‘A herbal tea,’ Distro told him. ‘Cottonflower.’

Ka’harja’s heart sank. ‘That’th not a po-thon.’

‘Cottonflower tea is the most important potion you will ever learn to make,’ Distro frowned. ‘And it’s the one potion I expect you to never charge people for. Do you understand?’

Ka’harja gave a huff; and then, when he caught Distro’s frown, he nodded.

‘Do you remember what cottonflower tea is?’ she asked.

‘It’th the one for nurlakth,’ said Ka’harja. ‘When they get the thelf-feeding thickneth.’

‘Good lad,’ Distro raised a hand, hesitating when the child flinched. ‘Don’t be scared. High-five.’

Ka’harja swallowed, and slowly raised his own hand— And let out a loud giggle as Distro smacked their palms together.

‘That’s my boy!’ she cheered, ruffling his hair and giving his ears a playful tug. ‘Now, into the pantry with you!’

Ka’harja rushed to the kitchen, opening the pantry door wide and slipping inside.

He almost gasped; he’d never been allowed in the pantry before, and he couldn’t believe his eyes as they trailed along the shelf-covered walls. It was like a rainbow of plants and poultices.


‘What did I just say about talking back?’ Distro asked. ‘Did I say to do it? I think not.’

‘I know you don’t real-ly mind,’ Ka’harja grinned. ‘If you did, you’d hit me, juth-d like my real kekik would.’

‘No, I wouldn’t!’ Distro snapped. ‘Don’t talk that crock to me! And don’t you dare compare me to a Har’py.... And what’s this talk about “real” kekiks? As long as you live with me I’m your mother. Plain and simple.’

‘Not by blood,’ mumbled Ka’harja as he began to tear the leaves into small pieces. ‘You’re juth-d looking ath-ter me.’

‘Exactly! That means I’m your mother,’ Distro yanked the leaves out of Ka’harja’s grip and began to snip them into neat squares with scissors. ‘I don’t know what you think mothers are supposed to do, but I’m telling you now; a real mother is the one who loves you most. Nobody will ever love you as much as a real mother will.’

‘But my real moth-der doeth-n’t loth me—’

‘Nonsense! Of course I do,’ said Distro as she scooped the leaves into a ceramic cup. ‘Now, do you remember what to do after cutting the leaves?’

Ka’harja shook his head and Distro let out a heavy sigh.

another warmup doodle

if you remember this character, you may be eligable for a senior citizen discount

Stars can be very manipulative. Everyone keeps underestimating her because of her disability, so she said "screw it, I'mma use this" and learnt how to twist words around so nobody can argue with her.

Luckily, she (mostly) uses this power for good; like stopping her grandfather using her stepmother's old name.... This time it's pretty obvious what she's doing (she's usually at least a little bit subtle)

‘It’s Distro,’ Distro corrected with a huff.

‘Distro, yes, sorry,’ Rorlbar sighed. ‘I still don’t see why you changed it.’

‘I just liked this name better,’ said Distro. ‘There’s nothing wrong with changing your name.’

Rorlbar simply shrugged.

‘I changed my name!’ Stars beamed. ‘And I love my new name a lot. It’s very nice. Kekik Distro’s new name is also very nice.’

‘It’s just hard to get used to,’ Rorlbar shrugged. ‘I’m her father, I’ve used Koktansi for years—’

‘—My kekik started using my new name the day I asked her to,’ Stars cut in, sounding a lot less pleasant than before as she put down her fork and rested her hands on the table. ‘You’ve had over ten years to get used to kekik Distro’s new name. If kekik Distro wants you to use her new name, you should use it. It’s very uncomfortable to be called by your old name when you don’t like it. And if you’re her yalfit, you should want her to be as comfortable as possible. You want kekik Distro to feel comfortable and loved, right?’

‘Well, yes of course—’

‘—Good,’ Stars said firmly, her ears flicking up as her eyes narrowed. ‘So you agree? Using her new name is best and you’re not going to use her old name anymore?’

‘Are you real?’ she asked.

Scaychie hesitated. ‘What?’

‘Are you real?’

‘I.... Uh, yeah.’

‘Oh, good!’ the woman stood up straighter, tucking her wings behind her back and pushing her hair out of her eyes. ‘Sometimes it’s hard to tell. You know?’

‘N... no,’ Scaychie answered, feeling her brow furrow at the strange woman.

‘Oh, well...’ the woman’s ears flicked back. But then, they flicked back up and she smiled. ‘I’m Keeyata. What’s your name?’

Scaychie just eyed her.

When she didn’t reply, Keeyata’s ears folded back down, and she stepped forward, gently placing a hand against Scaychie’s shoulder before pulling back and letting out an anxious laugh. ‘Oh, ah— Hah, you are real!’

‘I said that,’ Scaychie grunted.

‘Yes, but you may have been lying.’

Scaychie just shrugged.

‘Uhm...’ Keeyata shuffled again. Then offered another nervous grin. ‘I’m Keeyata. What’s your name?’

Again, Scaychie stared. And again, Keeyata edged forward.

‘Am I speaking?’ Keeyata asked. ‘Out loud?’

Scaychie sighed, and nodded. ‘Yes. Yes you are. My name’s Scaychie.’

‘Oh, that’s a nice name,’ Keeyata’s grin grew, before she held out a hand.

‘What do... do you want something?’ Scaychie asked. ‘Why are you...’

She trailed off as Keeyata slowly took her hand and gave it a timid shake.

‘What... is this?’ Scaychie asked.

‘Hello,’ Keeyata said, giving another shake. ‘Mother Tarasi said this was polite.’

‘How... is touching my hand polite?’ Scaychie grimaced. What kind of... weird custom was this?

‘I’m not sure,’ Keeyata responded. ‘I never understood it. But Mother Tarasi said to always do it when saying hello. Because it’s polite.’

‘Mm,’ Scaychie felt herself frown as she pulled her hand away. Then she leant forward and butted her head against Keeyata’s. ‘Well, uh.... Hello. I guess.’

‘Wh—‘ Keeyata’s eyes widened and she stumbled back, as if Scaychie had butted her hard. ‘What the fuck?!’

‘I was saying hello,’ Scaychie snorted. ‘That’s how dassens greet each other. Were you raised felinic or something?’

‘No, no, Mother Mairas was dassen,’ Keeyata replied. ‘But my brother and I are from Canis! With wolvens?’

‘Yes. Wolvens,’ Scaychie grunted.

‘Was that really how you say hello?’

‘Yes...’ Scaychie trailed off as she spied Linzor a little ways off.

Keeyata seemed to notice her tense, and glanced to see what she was looking at.

‘Oh! Linzor!’ Keeyata ran to her brother. ‘Linzor!’

‘What?’ Linzor growled.

‘Scaychie showed me how dassens say hello! Can I show you?’

Linzor rolled his eyes and gave a huff. ‘Fine.’

She headbutt Linzor so hard he fell over.



-Voice of reason

-Will share her food with you



-Will not hesitate to kick your arse

-Would fight a god

‘Oh, yes! Very okay!’ Keemi’Keemi nodded. ‘Keemi when you small, and parents give you three kisses on nose to make giggles!’

‘So your name is...’ Ka’harja hesitated.

‘Six giggle kisses!’ Keemi’Keemi beamed.

‘What is this?’

‘If you want, I’ll leave my family for you,’ Sensin told her. ‘This place is for sale. We could live here. You and me and the kids. All you have to do us say so.’

‘S-Sensin, you—’

‘—I love you, Elli. More than anything else,’ he took her hands in his and squeezed them. ‘Even more than Ykelt loves Ziu. And I’ll do anything to prove it to you.’

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Finally got to work on this again, after a couple of weeks of wanting to but not having time ouo I'm INCREDIBLY happy with it so far. Hopefully will be able to actually finish it soon!!

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Lines are done!! And I'm dying x.x

Finally got to work on this again, after a couple of weeks of wanting to but not having time ouo I'm INCREDIBLY happy with it so far. Hopefully will be able to actually finish it soon!!

After around 10 years of barely speaking to his son, Linzor visits Centela and Mingan for their wedding and is his usual, horrible self.

640 words

cw: implied abuse / Linzor being an absolute creep

Mingan limped to Centela’s side and gave Linzor a polite nod. ‘It’s wonderful to have you here, Linzor. It’s been such a long time.’

Linzor just stared at Mingan. His eyes darted over her, as if taking in every way she’d changed since she had been a child, and the twitch of his lip into a half-smile filled Centela with the urge to throw himself between his father and his wife.

But he held back and took a deep breath. His father hadn’t done anything, he told himself as he let the breath out. He was just being ... strange, again. That’s all it was.

‘You look like your mother looked when she was your age.’

The urge came back, and Centela couldn’t stop himself taking the step. ‘Y-Yeah. People say that a lot—‘

‘—You have her eyes,’ Linzor continued. ‘Smile for me.’


‘Smile,’ Linzor repeated.

Mingan looked like she didn’t want to. And when she took Centela’s hand and squeezed it Centela knew he had to say something— But he couldn’t think of a single thing—

‘You won’t even smile for your father-in-law?’ Linzor cooed, a false sweetness to his voice. ‘Pity. Though, if you’re anything like your mother I’ll get it out of you sooner or later!’

Centela felt Mingan’s nails dig into his hand and he lifted his wings up, faking a laugh as an excuse to shield Mingan. ‘Hah! Well, you know, she’s nothing like Elli. So why even try?’

Linzor’s grin disappeared into a cool judgement as he looked at his son. He stared for a moment before loudly licking a fang and grunting.

‘You got fat.’

‘Y-Yeah. I did.’

‘Oh well. I don’t know what I was expecting, leaving you with wolvens,’ he shrugged and turned for the door. ‘Come. We’ll head back to the party. You can show me how much your flight has improved on the way.’

Centela felt his scales go cold, and didn’t move. ‘I. … I can’t.’

‘You can’t what?’


Linzor rounded on his son. ‘What? Why not!’

‘I. ... I got too fat.’

‘TOO FAT?’ Linzor snapped. ‘What do you mean you got “too fat” to fly!’

Centela jumped and squeezed Mingan’s hand. ‘I mean— I mean I got fat. A-And now I can’t fly.’

Linzor rubbed his temples and let out a long, angry groan before dropping his hands to his sides and scowling. ‘You’re unbelievable. Alright, well, what did you pull me aside for in the first place?’

‘Well, I wasn’t sure how to tell you in my letter,’ Centela swallowed. ‘But ... Mingan’s pregnant.’

‘About time,’ replied Linzor. ‘What else?’

‘Uh, that was it?’

‘For fucks sake, you think being pregnant is special? Half your sisters back home are pregnant!’ Linzor turned to walk away. He called over his shoulder as he made for the door, ‘Next time you make me waste my time it better be for something that’s actually important!’

Centela felt Mingan squeeze his hand again and looked at her.

‘It’s alright,’ she reassured. ‘I’m sure he cares.’

Centela shrugged and turned back to watch his father, who was examining an expensive vase beside the staircase. ‘I. ... I don’t think he does.’

After a moment Linzor pushed the vase off its stand. It fell to the ground and shattered with a loud crash and Centela felt Mingan flinch. Linzor stared at the shattered ceramic for a moment longer before twitching a wing and making his way outside.

‘I thought …’ Centela hesitated, and looked to the floor.

‘Centy?’ Mingan asked.

‘I thought maybe I’d just remembered wrong,’ he muttered. ‘That it was just because I was young and time made me think it was worse than it was. … But he’s … exactly as I remember him. … It was a mistake to invite him.’

Toro and Ell'ian, after a hard day, listening to Dellor pass by their room.

cw: implied abuse

Ell’ian went silent and tensed, cowering into Toro’s side as Dellor’s footsteps made their way to the bedroom’s door. They paused, and Toro felt himself trembling. ... And he realised that Ell’ian must have felt it, too, because she shifted until she was learning over him, hiding him under herself as Dellor stood on the other side of the door. Her breathing was quick and quiet, and her entire body was stiff as she glared at the door, her face turned in a scowl that didn’t quite hide the fear in her eyes.

Then Toro’s father began down the hall again and Ell’ian relaxed. The tension left her body with a sigh and she lay limply over Toro.

‘Thank you,’ was all Toro could manage.

Ell’ian didn’t respond, not with words, but he felt her shift anxiously on top of him before she slid off the bed and curled up on the floor.


‘He is evil,’ she said, her voice quivering.

‘He’s ...’ Toro hesitated. ‘Troubled.’

Evil,’ this time the word was a hiss. ‘I know evil. I know it. And it is him. Deep inside him. Evil. Evil like sabres— And evil like spiders. ... Evil like Ref’elute.’

Her brother, Toro was surprised he remembered the name as he joined Ell’ian on the floor. He didn’t say anything else; just offered her his open arms and held her tightly when she leant into him. He ran his hand through her hair until he felt her grip on his arm loosen and, after making sure she was asleep, he lifted her back onto the bed and curled up beside her.

Toro and Dellor fight

cw: child/spousal abuse mentions

‘I NEVER SAW YOU HUG HER!’ he shouted. ‘NOT ONCE!’

‘She never did anything to deserve it—’

‘—DESERVE IT?’ Toro shrieked, leaping from the statue at his father, who rushed backwards to avoid being jumped on. ‘You beat the shit out of her! And you beat the shit out of me!’

‘Only because I had to keep you in line!’ Dellor snapped.

‘Oh, that’s rich!’ Toro growled, grabbing the hilt of his sword and half-unsheathing it. ‘You had to beat a four year old into line?’

Dellor set his jaw, and Toro drew his sword to full length and pointed it at his father.

‘Don’t make a fool of yourself with this facade you’ve got going,’ Dellor scoffed. ‘You don’t know a thing about parenting— look at your children! I’ve never seen a lot more out of line! You do know what people say about you?’

‘They’re happy,’ Toro growled. ‘What people think about us will never be more important than that.’