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That's the thing with having a kind heart as an immortal. You love & then you lose them. & then you love again. & you know you should stop loving but you just can't help it, because the world is beautiful. Though sometimes, late at night, you wonder if love is worth the pain...

(but then, you wake up, & the morning is beautiful, & you can't help but let your heart soften, & feel love, & be kind. Even though you know it will hurt all over again)

Brought a dragon on flight rising to exalt, but it turned out she was 3 years old! She looks like she was used for a couple of small breeding projects and I thought I'd nudge her back into the market with a quick headshot so she might find a perma-home!

If you're interested, she's here:

Apparently I didn't post this! This is OLD art from years ago, but I still love that background!


Baby Ruby got born today in our D&D session.

A quick edit for my poor, sickly, gross little girl’s bio. I might add more stuff later. Might not. Who knows!

credit to for the original art! All I did was modify their pre-existing apparel uvu was good practice though

a WIP for a dragon I'm training to level 25 :)

bee gene takes FOREVER but I'm nailing it!

That new SU song made me have feelings for an ancient OC who’s story I never got to finish, so I sketched something of her.

Truthteller in her head at 3am: baddap baddap dadda GIRLS baddabam weeoo weeoo weoo weoo GIRLS gotta kiss ‘em GURLS boop boop boop-

Skyflyer in the room next to hers, desperately trying to get some sleep: ಠ_ಠ

‘You look an awful lot like …’ Distro muttered.

‘L-Like what?’ Centela squeaked.

‘Like a yummy little boy!’ she teased, opening her snout wide and snapping it shut right by his arm.

Centela let out a shriek and ran to his mother. He hid behind her, and let out a snarl that he knew sounded cowardly and not at all brave.

Scaychie just gave a weak, tired smile. ‘She was just joking, Centela. She’s not going to eat you.’

‘Then she shouldn’t say it!’ Centela cried. ‘Kaka mia mal sasao! Kaka! Mia! Mal! Sasao!’

Distro let out a hearty laugh and slipped off her throne. ‘A true Har’py at heart, isn’t he? I haven’t heard that saying in a long time. Alright. I won’t make up whispers anymore.’

Sunseeker can see into the past- a very rare NightWing power caused by her being born under the full moon during the daytime (because, you know, the moon is often visible during the day!)

It can be very useful.