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Brought a dragon on flight rising to exalt, but it turned out she was 3 years old! She looks like she was used for a couple of small breeding projects and I thought I'd nudge her back into the market with a quick headshot so she might find a perma-home!

If you're interested, she's here:

Y'all know I don't usually do fan art but damn. Littlewood makes me glad I'm gay because those girls,, man..... Those girls.

Apparently I didn't post this! This is OLD art from years ago, but I still love that background!

a WIP for a dragon I'm training to level 25 :)

bee gene takes FOREVER but I'm nailing it!

Sunseeker can see into the past- a very rare NightWing power caused by her being born under the full moon during the daytime (because, you know, the moon is often visible during the day!)

It can be very useful.