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Someone was selling old dragons so I brought this 4 year old boy and have given him some art. Will be putting him up for sale for like 50 gems in a bit :3

Brought a dragon on flight rising to exalt, but it turned out she was 3 years old! She looks like she was used for a couple of small breeding projects and I thought I'd nudge her back into the market with a quick headshot so she might find a perma-home!

If you're interested, she's here:

I’ve like. Never really drawn my progens.

They elderly and tired. Firebeard should have retired a long time ago.

A quick edit for my poor, sickly, gross little girl’s bio. I might add more stuff later. Might not. Who knows!

credit to for the original art! All I did was modify their pre-existing apparel uvu was good practice though

a WIP for a dragon I'm training to level 25 :)

bee gene takes FOREVER but I'm nailing it!