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The start of Tru'man's death scene. Trying to get that balance between believable use of their native language, and it being actually understandable to the reader? Actually a lot of fun, tbh.

360 words

cw: death

Setani’Selina made to follow, but Geoff’s mournful cry pulled her attention and she turned to see her brother pressing his hand against their father’s wound.

‘You will be okay,’ Geoff whimpered. ‘I will— I will fix you. You will be okay.’

‘Geoff,’ Tru’man managed. ‘This is too deep. Even for you.’

‘No!’ Geoff’s wings stiffened, the feathers trembling as if they were trying to escape him as he lifted them up. ‘No! No! No no no!’

‘I’m sorry,’ Tru’man let out a deep, heavy breath. ‘I’m so sorry, Geoff’Selulu.’

‘No!’ Geoff repeated, pushing onto his father’s wound harder before letting out an anguished squeal— Setani’Selina recognised it as something seces, and though she wasn’t sure of the exact word, she understood the meaning.

‘Gorg,’ she said as she gently kneed by her brother. She ran a hand over his back and ran the other down his arm to meet his own at their father’s wound. ‘Kosson. Tasa less now. You’re hurting yalfit.’

‘No,’ Geoff whined, not moving. ‘I will fix him.’


‘I am not lying! I will fix him!’

‘Maka,’ Setani’Selina repeated. ‘You maka. Yalfit is in the mup bakti. You know.’

‘No! No!’ Geoff snapped, his worried face now half a scowl. ‘Do not say hakalika things to me! You are the maka! I will fix him!’

‘Geoff’Selulu,’ Tru’man’s hand found its way onto his childrens’ and he looked to them both weakly. ‘Setani’Selina kizza maka.’

The words were barely out of Tru’man’s mouth before Geoff let out another mournful cry and doubled over, pushing his face into his father’s. ‘No, yalfit! No! No! I will fix you!’

‘You can’t,’ Tru’man told him. He took a laboured breath … then smiled. ‘I’m proud of you. You and all your zelkins. You make my world less sharami.’


‘Halki, katka,’ a tear rolled down Tru’man’s cheek. ‘Halki.’

Setani’Selina felt like her heart was being squeezed by a tight hand. ‘I’m sorry, yalfit.’

‘You have no reason to be sorry,’ Tru’man said. ‘Kosson, my rek. Kosson. … Where are your zelkins?’

‘We’re here, yalfit,’ a voice came from behind Setani’Selina, and she didn’t need to turn to know it was Ta’kora. ‘All of us.’

‘I hope Centy’s doing alright with her,’ Liamara mumbled. ‘I hope she’s not too hard to handle.’

‘Centela loves her,’ Geoff said gently.

‘Good. She deserves that,’ Liamara sighed and rolled over. ‘I’m glad that she can get it from someone.’

‘Why not from you?’ Geoff asked.

‘It’s hard,’ Liamara rolled back to look at him. ‘Whenever I look at her I see. …’

‘See what?’

‘Her father.’

‘You said he was nobody important.’

Liamara sat up. ‘Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to think about it.’

Geoff hugged her. She hugged back so tight it hurt.

‘If we ever do go back to Heck’ne, point at him and tell me who he is,’ Geoff mumbled. ‘I will break his neck for you.’

‘Thanks, Geoff,’ she sniffed into his shoulder. ‘You’re the best.’

‘I did not do all that work to heal them just so you could make them hurt again!’ Geoff’Selulu snapped. ‘I was the one who disobeyed, not them. They did as I said, when I said, and respected me as the mala’kala katka-katka!’

Ali’ka frowned, ‘So you’re taking responsibility?’

Geoff’Selulu nodded. ‘All of it.’

For a minute, Ali’ka was quiet, and Scaychie feared what she’d do next. Would she hurt Geoff? How would she punish him?

Then, a smile formed at the corners of Ali’ka’s mouth. And she bent down and lovingly nipped Geoff’s cheek. ‘You are so much like your yalfit-yalfit, you know that? You would make him proud.’

Scaychie royally F’d up. Luckily Geoff’s there to help.

370 words

cw: violence

‘Say what you mean or do not speak at all!’

‘You’re wrong!’ Scaychie blurted.

‘What?’ Ali’ka growled.

‘You’re wrong,’ Scaychie repeated, quieter this time. ‘I think you’re wrong.’

There was a moment of quiet muttering as Ali’ka glared at Scaychie. Then she stood and approached. ‘How dare you—’

‘—YOU TOLD ME TO SPEAK MY MIND!’ Scaychie cried loudly. She was shocked at her own volume and knew that she’d made a mistake. ‘You told me to say what I meant!’

Ali’ka gripped Scaychie’s throat in a talon, forcing her to her knees.

‘Just because she has said it does not mean you have to listen to her,’ a quiet voice came from behind the Prophet.

Everyone turned and saw Geoff’Selulu kneeling by the throne; he was gently stroking the leaves of the cottonflower bush as he spoke, not meeting anyone’s gaze.

‘Geoff’Selulu, I did not ask your opinion,’ Ali’ka growled.

‘You never ask anyone for their opinion,’ he responded clearly, finally turning to his grandmother. ‘And I am not saying opinions; you do not have to listen to kekik Scaychie. That is a fact, not a made-up thought from my mind. You told kekik Scaychie to speak more clearly what she meant to say and then she did what you told her to do. You should not be mad at her for that— And that is another fact.’

For a moment, Ali’ka hesitated. Then she released Scaychie and approached her grandson. ‘You are a little kaka'li, you know that?’

Geoff’Selulu’s face split in a wide grin, and he nodded happily as he was lifted off the ground with a talon and thrown over Ali’ka’s shoulder.

‘Rai'Sefora, Gala’sha, Tru’man! Follow!’ Ali’ka called. Then she pet Geoff’Selulu’s hair and smiled back. ‘Come along, katka-katka, if you are old enough to sass me, you are old enough to hunt with me.’

Scaychie let out a long breath as Ali’ka calmly walked away. Exhausted relief was just starting to set in—

‘Scaychie!’ Ali’ka called over her shoulder.

‘Yes, mala’kala?’ Scaychie called back.

‘Care for my katka-zelkins while I am gone! If I come back to a single scratch on them, you will be punished!’

‘Of course, mala’kala.’

Poor Centela... Getting pranked and beaten up by his sisters... They love him though and are just trying to make him stronger (it doesn’t work)

Also, the story Setani makes up here continues being told to future generations as a cautionary myth!

It’s around 1,000 words

cw: violence / fighting / unsanitary

‘There’s a storm coming. Can you feel it?’

Centela didn’t like her tone. It was barely a whisper, and he felt his scales chill as she looked into the firelight, her mouth open and her eyes wide like the time’s she saw the future.

‘I do not see any clouds,’ Geoff mumbled through his moths, looking up at the sky.

‘That’s what they said …’ her voice echoed through the quiet night.

‘What who said?’ Geoff cocked his head.

Setani finally looked up from the flames. The fire crackled as she did, as if the flames themselves were speaking to her. ‘Haja’mara’s troop.’

Centela swallowed as Geoff leant forward, curious intent filling his being. ‘Who is Haja’mara?’

‘He was the son of the great great great Prophet, seven hundred years ago,’ Setani said, her voice low and severe. ‘He was murdered.’

‘That is a long time, how do you know about him?’ Geoff asked, oblivious to Setani’s tone. ‘Did his ghost talk to you?’

Setani shook her head. ‘Everyone knows about Haja’mara and storms.’

Centela shivered. ‘I— I don’t.’

‘That’s because you’re a dassen,’ Setani told him. ‘And Geoff doesn’t know because he’s dumb.’

‘Yeah,’ Geoff agreed. ‘I do not know a lot.’

‘Do you want to hear about Haja’mara?’



Setani poked the flames with a stick, which caught alight. ‘It was a night like this. It looked clear, but there was a chill in the air. Do you feel it?’

Centela could. His skin was prickling all over. He thought it was his anxiety but— But if Setani could feel it too— Then what if—

‘That means there’s a storm on it’s way,’ Setani said clearly. As she took a breath, a loud sabre-like roar, distorted from the distance, called across the wasteland. ‘The cats can feel it too. They’re sensitive to storms.’

Centela huddled next to Geoff, who had flinched at the loud cat.

‘I do not like sabres,’ Geoff mumbled, putting an arm around Centela. ‘Do you think it will come to the fire?’

‘She will, she always does,’ Setani whispered. ‘Just like she came to Haja’mara.’

Centela whimpered— Or maybe it was Geoff. He couldn’t tell. There was the cracking of pebbles around them. Centela nearly burst into tears, but held himself still as he comforted himself. He was hearing things. It was just his imagination.

‘She was in felinic form when she begged Haja’mara for shelter from the storm. But he didn’t believe her when she warned him one was coming,’ Setani whispered. ‘He cursed at her and ordered her chased away. As the harpies advanced on her, her skin changed to fur in the moonlight and she became a sabre. She leapt to the top of Haja’mara’s throne and swore revenge for his cruelty. And now she holds a grudge against all wastelanders. She wants them dead!’

Pebbles fell from the ledge and Setani let out a scream.

‘IT’S HER!’ Setani shrieked, jumping up and running into the shadows. ‘RUN BEFORE SHE GETS YOU!’

Centela hadn’t made it to his feet before a shadow leapt from the ledge and landed in front of them. A sabre cat stepped into the dim light of the fire— the flames dancing off it’s yellow-grey pelt and making it’s strange, deformed stance even creepier.

It turned its head towards Centela, and Centela felt himself screaming as he sat frozen in the dirt.

Geoff let out a shriek and jumped at the beast. ‘STAY AWAY FROM MY GORG!’

It met him in mid air and they rolled along the ground, hissing and screeching, before they collided with the paralysed Centela.

Setani’s laughter filled the air and the two forms on top of Centela broke into three. Geoff struggled with the sabre cat’s pelt, while it’s insides jumped back onto his back and threw him onto Centela.

Geoff stopped with a gasp. ‘Ta’kora?’

Centela let out a pained breath. His sister?

Geoff didn’t get up. ‘What were you doing inside the cat?’

Setani’s laughter grew louder and she stumbled into the light of the fire. ‘WE GOT YOU!’

Ta’kora offered her hand to Geoff, who let out a laugh and took it.

‘You did! You got us good!’

Ta’kora pulled Geoff to his feet then flinched away. ‘Ew! You’re wet!’ she sniffed her hand. ‘EW IT’S PEE!’

‘It is not mine,’ Geoff blinked.

Centela realised who’s it was.

‘Oh Zen’efay Centela you peed yourself!’ Ta’kora cackled, punching her youngest brother too hard in the shoulder. ‘Gross! You’re gross!’

‘Do not hit him!’ Geoff exclaimed, shoving his sister. ‘He is a squish! Hit me instead!’

‘I’LL HIT YOU!’ Setani exclaimed, picking up her half-burnt stick from earlier and smacking Geoff with it, over and over until he crumpled to the ground with a giggle and a shriek.

‘Come on, Centela!’ Ta’kora growled, yanking the boy off the ground and throwing him into the fight.

Centela felt Setani’s stick get him in the leg and let out a cry.

‘Grow up!’ Setani exclaimed, pulling him up and thrusting the stick into his arms. ‘Get brave and fight me like a warrior!’

‘I— I’m not a warrior!’ Centela exclaimed, stepping back. Ta’kora pushed him forward again and he collided with his brother as he stood.

‘Both your parents are warriors!’ Setani told him. ‘So you should be as good as them combined!’

Centela shook his head, but Geoff nodded happily.

‘YOU CAN FIGHT TA’KORA AND I WILL FIGHT SETANI!’ he shouted, lunging at his sister and knocking her to the ground, where they began to wrestle.

‘I don’t want to fight!’ Centela nearly sobbed as Ta’kora rounded on him.

‘You’ve got to get strong somehow!’ Ta’kora told him. ‘If you can beat me I’ll catch your food for a week!’

‘But I can’t beat you!’

Ta’kora grabbed him and threw him sideways; he stumbled but didn’t fall.

‘You gotta at least try to fight me!’ she demanded. ‘Or you’ll never get good and you’ll get eaten!’

Centela hardly heard her; he was too busy fleeing in the other direction.

‘GET BACK HERE!’ Setani’s voice shrieked. ‘I’M GONNA GET YOU!’

Centela glanced behind him to see Setani break from Geoff —who leapt on Ta’kora with a happy shout— and start to chase him down.

*slides another excerpt at you, this one’s actually cute*

”Geoff” is mispronounced as “jee-off” because his mother’s deaf and learnt the name through sign language from visiting humans!

Also oof context: I’m aware Geoff’s speech isn’t realistic for a human toddler. It’s done deliberately because he’s part avio and they process speech differently!

‘What?’ Scaychie was taken aback. ‘You want me to … babysit?’

‘Yes. I would appreciate it,’ he said sweetly, nipping Scaychie’s cheek. ‘It has been quite a few nights since Eish’lee and I were able to be alone together. Setani’Selina is asleep in her resting place, try not to wake her when Geoff’Selulu gets tired.’

‘Why me?’

‘No other girl is making milk,’ Tru’man replied with a shrug. ‘At least, none I trust with my children. … And I thought you would enjoy a night away from Linzor.’

Scaychie couldn’t argue. A night away from the Orange Beast sounded like a gift from the gods. …

‘Milk!’ two voices cried out from Scaychie’s arms, and her gaze shot down to look at the wiggly little boy.

‘Oh, yes, he’s figuring out how to use his speaker,’ Tru’man chuckled, nipping his son on the nose. ‘You’re very talented, aren’t you? Behave for kekik Scaychie.’

‘Yalfit!’ Geoff’Selulu responded, his voice echoing as if he was speaking for two people as he tried to grab his father’s hair. ‘Kan!’

‘Yes, kekik Scaychie will let you kan,’ Tru’man dodged his son’s tiny hands and grinned at Scaychie. ‘He wants to eat.’

‘I’ll feed him,’ Scaychie reassured. ‘You go.’

Tru’man nodded and turned, putting his arm around Eish’lee as they wandered into the distance.

‘Kekik?’ Geoff’Selulu’s voice broke. ‘Kekik kan? Milk? Kekik going?’

Scaychie tapped the bump on his throat gently. ‘Scaychie gives you kan.’

‘Milk!’ he said, in his usual voice. Then he opened his mouth wide and a second voice, higher than before, escaped him. ‘Meelk!’

‘Yes, milk!’ Scaychie replied.

‘Milk!’ Geoff’Selulu cried out before nuzzling against Scaychie’s shawled-covered chest with enthusiasm. ‘Now!’