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Goose pulls out her puppy dog eyes and her dad lets her get away with anything.

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Goose questions Centela about her biological family, and finds out things that Centy would rather have forgotten.

320 words

cw: kidnapping mention // implied abuse/incest mentions

‘That man,’ Gusilina muttered. ‘Who tried to take me away when I was a baby. I heard Gaitami talking about him. … He was my pa, wasn’t he? Not like you’re my pa. But like … my real pa.’

Centela looked away; refusing to meet his daughter’s eye. ‘Biologically … yes.’

‘And what does that make you and me, biologically?’ Gusilina asked, stumbling over the word.

‘You’re … my sister,’ Centela admitted. ‘Look I— You’re too young to hear this. It’s hard to explain—’

‘—I want to know,’ Gusilina interrupted. ‘It’s not fair that I don’t know. I want to know why people look at me like they do. And I want to know why I’m so sick. And I want to know why my real ma didn’t want me. If it’s because of something that man did then I want to know. It’s not fair that I don’t know!’

Centela took a deep breath. For a while he didn’t look back at Gusilina. But when he did, she saw hurt in his eyes and almost regretted asking.

She tried to stay firm, but out of the corner of her vision she saw her hair changing from red to blonde and knew she wasn’t hiding how scared she felt.

‘Your mother …’ Centela stopped and took a deep breath. ‘Our father hurt her. A lot. So bad that her horns grew wrong and she can’t talk without feeling sick.’

Gusilina thought for a long moment. Then sighed. ‘It’s aunty Liamara, isn’t it?’

Centela didn’t answer with words; but the way he deflated with his face in his hands told Gusilina she was right.

‘So Keeyata is my grandmother?’ Gusilina asked. She sighed when Centela nodded. ‘And Harnlix is my uncle. Not my cousin?’

Centela nodded again.

They were quiet for a while before Gusilina bit her lip and pulled on Centela’s sleeve.


‘Yes, Goose?’

‘Thank you for telling me,’ she said. ‘I won’t tell anyone else that I know.’