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I really want to finish this one so hnnnng even though I don't have my laptop back I've started the line art, though the canvas is half the size I would have liked ;(

Elli is a good lady and I love drawing her.

Though sexual dimorphism in harpies is often used to quickly identify the biological sex of a harpy, it is common to be corrected on pronoun usage by niritaka (transgender) or haykafica (intersex) harpy. Haykafica harpy make up roughly 3% of the known Heck’ne population, and niritaka make up almost 10% of the population. Niritaka are most common in harpy families that socialise with the local seces people, though they are found across Heck’ne and their high population in areas with seces is simply put down to having a better education of gender identity.

4 years ago I made a comic and my humour peaked and I'll never be able to make anything this blatantly stupid again

that said I'm very tempted to redraw this

Sal'rez met Cloud'Cuddle while on holiday in the Empire.

They bonded over foxen furniture being too small for their big gay butts.

‘There’s nothing wrong with looking after your children, Tru’man.’

‘I know— But this is why she teases me. I don’t do as I should.’

‘Who cares?’ Scaychie replied. ‘You’re being a good father; that’s more important than anything anyone could ever say about you.’

Tru’man looked stunned for a moment before giving Scaychie a weak smile. ‘You’re too kind to me. But I don’t think you know how we do things here. Kekiks sing. Zelkins sing. And reks sing.’

‘Then what do fathers do?’ Scaychie asked. ‘Sons and brothers?’

‘We listen, and we let ourselves be soft,’ he replied as if it were a simple fact. Then, when Scaychie didn’t stop frowning, he sighed and shook his head. ‘It’s hard to explain to an outsider. Maybe if I could tell you in Har’py it might make more sense, but I can’t say it properly with these words.’

"More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds."

Just a couple of gal’s being gay!

Note that I’m not too happy with Brandon but, I’m not 100% sure why... I think I made her too thin. Gotta make her a bit chunkier

That said I’m VERY happy with mono-tit’s cute tummy and fluffy tail!

no watermark/footer coz I originally wasn’t gonna post this export online & just to my discord, but I like it. If I get the time I might add a background

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Coski'skipli! He's the son of one of the main characters, and the brother of the one after that!

art from 2017 under cut :D Def improved a bunch!

"Even I can't read that."

Probably a good thing, considering what it's supposed to say...

(Context: Elli cheated on Sensin with her sister's husband. It doesn't end well, because she can't read very well and Sensin usually reads her mail to her; which is how he finds out)


Harpy Fighting Culture

Fighting is the main way that harpies resolve conflict. If you want something, you assert your dominance and take it. This was less common in the days before the corrupt Prophet Alak’alabi, but the terrible ruler led the Heck’ne into such bad times that the harpies were forced to adapt.

Dominance is shown with the puffing-out of wings, crouching down with an arched back, and the bearing of fangs with open-mouth hissing; while submission and compliance is shown by the covering of the face with their wings and the exposure of the back of their neck as they stare at the ground and make a high-pitch chirping noise, similar to an owl’s distress call.

If a harpy shows submission during an argument, it is considered the dominant’s duty to not allow the display to progress to a fight.

If neither side of an argument shows submission and it cannot be resolved with a small tussle, harpy often challenge each other to Gra’gahoo da: a religious fight to the death with strict rules.

Harpy battles are vicious frenzies without much technique behind them. Most harpies use their feet, teeth, and claws to savagely rip their opponents to shreds until they show submission. Instinctively harpies break away from fights every few minutes to circle and re-display; this gives their opponents a chance to show submission without the risk of being killed.

‘I rested my wings,

In your nest made of pain.

A home without love.

And my childhood weeps with me,

So fly,

My worst gorg,

Fly too high,

And be caught by the two-faced creatures in the sky of bright lights,

That tell too many lies and whom seek out the dead.

To bury in clay and stone.

Which seems familiar,

Too familiar,

Like my blood on your lips.

For it is your deserved after,

In the Underfor.

With creatures as vile as yourself and our yalfit.

So now leave my memories!

Never touch me again,

Your hands cannot harm me.

Your words are worthless.

And I am free,

If you watch me now and hear nothing else,

At least know those lyalic words.

I am free.



I’m at least hakalika.

But a hakalika head,

Is better,

Then the life I lived with you.’

—Ell’ian in The Harpy Bride (Don’t Lose Hope #4.5)

Centela stole a bunch of stuff as a kid and got caught. One of the things he took was Elli’s diary- but only because his father had taken it first, and Centy didn’t want him reading it.

cw: implied abuse / implied stalking (sort of??)

‘You took my diary?’ Elli sighed, and Centela nodded. ‘You didn’t read it?’

‘No!’ Centela exclaimed. ‘I only took it so that—’

Elli stared as Centela cut off. Slowly, she prompted him to continue, ‘So that what?’

‘Nobody else would read it.’

Elli sighed out her nose. ‘It was in my room, Centela—’

‘—No it wasn’t!’

‘No?’ Elli asked. ‘Then where was it?’

Centela clamped his mouth shut.

‘Centela,’ Elli said firmly. ‘Give me an answer.’


‘Why not?’

‘Because I don’t like lying to you!’ Centela replied. ‘And I can’t tell you where I found it. So I’m not going to answer you.’

Elli was quiet for a long moment. Then her ears flicked back and she scowled. ‘Linzor had it, didn’t he?’

Centela covered his mouth and turned away.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell him,’ Elli tucked the book under her arm and sighed. She gently turned Centela back so she could kiss him on the cheek. ‘Thanks for keeping it safe.’

AFGGDDGFD I just found this in my first draft and it perfectly sums up Linzor’s personality. Like PERFECTLY.

it gets to skip the queue because it made me giggle

‘I drew this one of you and Centela!’

Linzor looked at it for a long while before snorting, ‘It’s not very good, is it?’

‘LINZOR!’ Elli exclaimed. ‘Mingan, sweetie, don’t listen to him!’

Linzor rolled his eyes. ‘What? It’s not like she’s at a professional level or anything. I’m just being honest.’

‘Linzor she’s SIX!’

*slides another excerpt at you, this one’s actually cute*

”Geoff” is mispronounced as “jee-off” because his mother’s deaf and learnt the name through sign language from visiting humans!

Also oof context: I’m aware Geoff’s speech isn’t realistic for a human toddler. It’s done deliberately because he’s part avio and they process speech differently!

‘What?’ Scaychie was taken aback. ‘You want me to … babysit?’

‘Yes. I would appreciate it,’ he said sweetly, nipping Scaychie’s cheek. ‘It has been quite a few nights since Eish’lee and I were able to be alone together. Setani’Selina is asleep in her resting place, try not to wake her when Geoff’Selulu gets tired.’

‘Why me?’

‘No other girl is making milk,’ Tru’man replied with a shrug. ‘At least, none I trust with my children. … And I thought you would enjoy a night away from Linzor.’

Scaychie couldn’t argue. A night away from the Orange Beast sounded like a gift from the gods. …

‘Milk!’ two voices cried out from Scaychie’s arms, and her gaze shot down to look at the wiggly little boy.

‘Oh, yes, he’s figuring out how to use his speaker,’ Tru’man chuckled, nipping his son on the nose. ‘You’re very talented, aren’t you? Behave for kekik Scaychie.’

‘Yalfit!’ Geoff’Selulu responded, his voice echoing as if he was speaking for two people as he tried to grab his father’s hair. ‘Kan!’

‘Yes, kekik Scaychie will let you kan,’ Tru’man dodged his son’s tiny hands and grinned at Scaychie. ‘He wants to eat.’

‘I’ll feed him,’ Scaychie reassured. ‘You go.’

Tru’man nodded and turned, putting his arm around Eish’lee as they wandered into the distance.

‘Kekik?’ Geoff’Selulu’s voice broke. ‘Kekik kan? Milk? Kekik going?’

Scaychie tapped the bump on his throat gently. ‘Scaychie gives you kan.’

‘Milk!’ he said, in his usual voice. Then he opened his mouth wide and a second voice, higher than before, escaped him. ‘Meelk!’

‘Yes, milk!’ Scaychie replied.

‘Milk!’ Geoff’Selulu cried out before nuzzling against Scaychie’s shawled-covered chest with enthusiasm. ‘Now!’

Honestly it must look wild to get all my excerpts for DLH out of contenxt because they always have different characters and are in different places, but I SWEAR they all tie into the same series and make sense together djfjdhd

cw: drowning / biting / blood / abuse / kidnapping

Scaychie barely heard their calls as her wings gave out and she spiralled towards the ocean; a motion so familiar she felt like she was losing herself in a memory.

There was an angry shriek that lit up the sky like thunder and lightning— Then she was underwater.

The thrashing, stormy undertow caught her and yanked her down. Again and again. Opening her eyes she saw three others— But only for a second as the wave dipped and her head was pulled above the ocean.

The cold air shocked her. She took in a gulp of air and seawater and realised she was drowning. She was drowning again.

She tried to scream— But instead sunk under.

Something gripped her shoulder —a hand— and she was pulled to the black, stormy surface of the ocean again. Then she was dropped, and another gulp of saltwater choked her lungs.

Struggling and thrashing, trying to figure out which way was up, Scaychie let out a scream of bubbles and watched her sisters sink into the deep sea.

Then the hand grabbed her again, too many hands, and she was yanked above the ocean into the sky.

She saw a flash of a familiar face, then teeth plunged into her shoulder and within moments the clouds had parted to reveal the sky, blue and clear on a bright day.

‘Carry her,’ Gala’sha ordered, wiping the blood off his lips. ‘Ali’ka will be furious if we lose her!’

Scaychie blinked, staring down at the now-calm ocean. Her heart squeezed with anxiety as she shook away what she had seen. Her sisters. Drowning. The storm.

It had all come back to her. After so long it was still so clear.

‘Why won’t you fly!’ Gala’sha hissed as the harpies hefted Scaychie higher and dug their talons into her arms.

‘Stop it!’ Gaitami shouted. ‘She’s scared of the ocean!’

Gala’sha let out a snort, and kicked Scaychie upright. ‘We all are, you hakalika kaka’li. Stop making it into a drama!’

‘Did you see them?’ Scaychie asked, glancing to Gala’sha as she was tugged upwards again. ‘Tell me you didn’t see them.’

‘See who?’ Gala’sha growled. ‘Who is they?’

For a moment, Scaychie’s head spun. Then reality hit her, and she realised who she was talking to. She yanked herself out of the grip of the harpies and rightened herself. ‘I dare you to dive and see who I mean.’

Gala’sha hovered in place for a long, long moment. Then he shook his head and snarled. ‘Balak hal'kaka! Don’t try and make me out as a fool! There’s nobody!’

‘How would you know when I was the one to see them?’ Scaychie asked. She knew now there was nobody; what she had seen was just a horrible memory. But Gala’sha didn’t know. Maybe she could have him drown.

Centela + Mingan as kids, when they are running away from home!

‘Where are you going?’ she whispered.

‘Anywhere but Heck’ne!’ Centela responded. ‘Yalfit is mean! And I’m always hungry! And I never ever want to go back there ever again!’

Mingan thought for a long while, the squeak of her wheelchair echoing through the quiet castle as she rolled the wheel back and forth.

‘You’ll be so alone …’ she mumbled. ‘I’m coming with you!’

‘I don’t need you! I’ll have Peedee,’ Centela declared, holding Peedee’s container high in the air. ‘Stay here. Your stepapa Sensin is really nice. You don’t have a reason to run away!’

‘Yes I do!’ Mingan retorted. ‘You’re my friend and I don’t want you to be alone! That’s my reason!’

‘Go back to bed,’ Centela growled, with as much bitterness in his tone as he could muster. He didn’t mean it— But he was good at faking. ‘I don’t like you.’

Mingan looked struck. And Centela took that as his leave. He turned and silently made his way down the castle’s steps to the dark courtyard— And jumped as a crash sounded behind him.

He turned, and saw Mingan spilt out on the staircase, her wheelchair overturned behind her.

‘I said to go back to bed!’ Centela snapped, flapping his wings. He fought the urge to go to her. To pick her up and turn her chair right. ‘I! Don’t! Need! You!’

Slowly, her entire body trembling with effort, Mingan pushed herself to her feet. She limped two steps down and collapsed again, her scarred leg slipping out from under her.

‘I’m coming,’ she said firmly. ‘And if you don’t let me come with you I’ll— I’ll—’

‘You’ll what?’ Centela grumbled. ‘Tell Sensin I’m running away? I’ll be gone before he—’

‘—I’ll cry!’ Mingan decided. ‘If you leave without me I’ll cry and cry for the rest of my life and I’ll never stop and it will be your fault!’

Centela hesitated. He didn’t want Mingan to cry. Especially not for the rest of her life. That was a long time to be upset. …

‘Please let me come!’ already, tears were welling in her eyes; reflecting the gentle blue light of the castle’s soulstone lamps. ‘Don’t leave me behind!’

Centela’s scales went cold. Colder than Konde’s night air. … Colder than the snow under his feet. He didn’t want Mingan to be sad. Especially if it was his fault.

‘Fine,’ he sighed, hurrying back up the stairs and pulling Mingan up. He helped her walk down to the courtyard and then glanced back up the steps to her wheelchair. ‘It won’t work outside. The snow’s too deep.’

‘That’s okay,’ Mingan told him, licking her tongue through the cleft in her lip. ‘If you let me lean on you I can walk.’

Okay I want to post something happier so here is Luana flirting with a cute girl who can’t talk very well!

Brandon prefers to communicate by writing on her blackboard, but Lua is illiterate! So they meet in the middle and Brandy draws pictures.

‘Okay, okay, that’s a dog yeah?’ Luana asked.

Brandon nodded. Then clamped her teeth together in a mock-bite.

‘Oh Scara, Brandon!’ Luana put on a mocking tone. ‘I can’t believe you bit a dog!’

For a moment, Brandon was quiet. Then she let out a loud laugh as Luana’s joke sunk in.

‘I don’t know why you’re laughing,’ Luana quipped. ‘Animal cruelty is a serious problem! You mustn’t like dogs at all!’

Brandon’s laugh continued for a moment, before she turned back her blackboard and shook her head. She doodled for a bit, and when she turned the blackboard back she’d drawn hearts around her previous drawing.

‘You love dogs?’ Luana asked— Grinning when Brandon nodded. ‘Oh, I see! It was a love bite!’

‘No!’ Brandon exclaimed. ’No nuh thah!’

Her brother’s head shot up.

‘Oh Scara, that was the clearest you’ve spoken in a long time,’ Delmis exclaimed. ‘I wasn’t paying attention— What did Luana say?’

Brandon blushed deeply, her cheeks growing so red they almost looked like part of her birthmark, and then buried her face in her hands.

A not-so-happy scene, involving Ell’ian and her sister. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in almost 20 years, after the passing of some unsavoury family members.

This probably won’t make sense because it’s from the first draft of book 5 of my fantasy series Don’t Lose Hope (which y’all have no context for) but uhhh, I’m really proud of it and how it shows off Ell’ian’s emotions.

I’ll post some happier/funnier stuff soon!

(tw: death and csa mentions)

‘I’ve been meaning to ask,’ Ell’ian mumbled through her mouthful. ‘How did yalfit die?’

The harpies fell silent, and Kala’Verso slowly put down her cup. ‘You mean you do not know?’

Ell’ian’s brow tensed. ‘How would I know? The last time I saw him was when he was chasing me off. He crash landed, and must have hurt his wing or something because he didn’t follow me past the Kahi’ma mountains.’

The tension in the air only rose as Kala’Verso pushed her meal away. ‘Ell’ian, he broke his neck.’

Toro’s heart nearly gave way.

‘When?’ Ell’ian asked, oblivious. ‘How? Did he land wrong or— Oh. … Oh I understand.’

‘I sent a search party looking for you, after I became mala’kala,’ her sister sighed. ‘I wanted to bring you home. It was a hard month. Too many deaths. First kekik. Then little Gala’zijah. And then I lost yalfit, Ref’elute, and you all in one night. … I did not know what to do. It was the worst I had ever felt. I thought I would die myself from the heartbreak.’

Ell’ian looked away. ‘I didn’t mean to hurt yalfit.’

‘What about Ref’elute?’

Ell’ian inhaled sharply, and Toro saw her feathers start to rise. ‘That … I did on purpose. And I don’t regret his death.’

‘He was your brother—’

‘—And I was eight!’ Ell’ian’s voice broke. ‘I was not the one at fault!’

‘Ell’ian, it was—’

‘—No!’ Ell’ian slammed her palm into the table, knocking over her drink. ‘Don’t you dare try to tell me what happened to me was right! Don’t you dare!’

‘I am not—’

‘—There is no excuse for what he did to me!’

Kala’Verso sighed, and without another word stood up. She put a hand up to stop her harpies from following her. ‘Eat. We leave tomorrow, you will need your strength.’

Toro felt the air chill as Kala’Verso quietly shut the door behind her.

The silence was only broken when Kesk’rogie turned to her mother, mouth open wide.

‘You killed someone?’

Ell’ian nodded.

‘COOL!’ Ellow’hen exclaimed.

‘Sweetie,’ Toro put a hand on her shoulder.


‘No. But all of this. All these people. They don’t deserve to suffer—’

‘—Yes, they do. This wretched wasteland deserves everything it gets,’ rising to her feet and brushing her hair from her good eye, Ali’ka cast Scaychie one last glare. ‘More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds.’

>>Two not-so-nice people who really care about each other.