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plus side to having a small tablet is you can lay down on you side in bed and draw

Sunny & Sandy, when Sunny is turned back into a seagull (& a bonus of Sandy being human)

Something simple, just to help get my arm moving properly after a lot of walking 😷 using a cane makes drawing hard.

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Finally got to work on this again, after a couple of weeks of wanting to but not having time ouo I'm INCREDIBLY happy with it so far. Hopefully will be able to actually finish it soon!!

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Lines are done!! And I'm dying x.x

I really want to finish this one so hnnnng even though I don't have my laptop back I've started the line art, though the canvas is half the size I would have liked ;(

Elli is a good lady and I love drawing her.

tfw you're an immortal demon king who was imprisoned for 300 years and you're accidentally freed by a single mother who's very pretty and nice... a woman you would learn table manners for.

When your boyfriend stays over for your birthday and he breaks your bed and your friends find out and you can't even defend yourself

4 years ago I made a comic and my humour peaked and I'll never be able to make anything this blatantly stupid again

that said I'm very tempted to redraw this

Just updating an old WIP from earlier in the year. Getting the lines done :)

Hayt and Lanca, girlfriends with a great relationship (that sadly ends when Lanca dies). The two girls are major supporting characters for Luana; caring for her & her brother after Ell'ian's murder.

Renismia, from my back-burner project Water Born.

She's forces her way into existence, pulling herself out if the ocean, unknowingly as the prophesied harbinger of the apocolypse called the "Water-Born"

She gets frozen for a few hundred years in an ice desert, before lands shift and she's found by a spellcastsr who realises who she is and frees her (in an attempt to learn more about and stop the prophecy, but he accidentally starts it).

The first thing I did was rise up from the deep, dark blue into the cold air.

My first breaths were laboured and hard, but each one felt like nothing I had known before.

I coughed icy droplets into the snow below me and clawed myself out of the once-still water that desperately tried to pull me down. The water knew it was too late to take me back, but it wasn’t going to let me go without a fight.

Finally, after hours of struggling, the waves receded and released their hold on me.

I was finally born.

Trembling under my own weight, I pulled myself to the shore and crawled across the land.

Each breath moved me like waves in a storm. I felt every intake of air hit me with a painful chill that made my body stiff and slow.

As I moved droplets of water fell from me and were turned to ice as they touched the cold ground.

I felt the underside of my body doing the same and dragged myself to my feet. My legs were like jelly, and it took all my strength not to collapse as I stood motionless in the icy wasteland.

Forcing myself forward was painful. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew if I stayed by the water too long it would bring itself ashore just to claim me back.

Hours passed slowly and I trudged the open expanse, my body becoming stiffer and harder to move with each passing moment.

My feet were already encased in ice. I was terrified that soon, my legs would be the same and I would be stuck in place forever.

Though I was scared I felt relief knowing that, if I was frozen, it would be in the form of my choosing.

I had seen creatures like it, swimming and playing on islands far away. They were strange, with hair like seaweed and long land legs. I was just a small spark of potential life when I first saw them; it had taken me decades to separate from the ocean enough to take their form.

Now I was here, in the cold snow lands. As alive and breathing as the land-creatures had been. Although I wasn’t quite like them. Not quite flesh and bone … but I was as close as I could make myself with the salty water of my old home.

There was nothing that could make me give up. I pressed forward with all my strength. I ignored the ice slowly creeping up my lower half and shook the swirling ice crystals out of my eyes.

The water had thought bringing me to the ice-lands would have discouraged me from taking life. It had been wrong. So very wrong. I would fight to be born, even if it meant I had to die.

I stumbled forward. I could barely breathe. The ice was creeping to my throat. I was almost frozen over. Even if I changed my mind it was too late to return to the ocean.

I didn’t care.

At least I had lived.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Then, slowly … I died.

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2019 vs 2009

Think I might have improved 🤔

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I doodled Daydream, because I wanted to colour something and not worry about how good it looked xD Especially with my cold cold hands that don't want to work properly lol

Still getting through the raffle prizes!

"Even I can't read that."

Probably a good thing, considering what it's supposed to say...

(Context: Elli cheated on Sensin with her sister's husband. It doesn't end well, because she can't read very well and Sensin usually reads her mail to her; which is how he finds out)