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?? Apparently I didn't post this?? Coz I was like "Oh I'll reblog my book's cover!" but can't seem to find it on any of my blogs *raspberry noises*

Ka'harja's Journey is the first book in my series, Don't Lose Hope. I'm 80k+ words into the public version of it, and still have a lot more to go! It's a passion project that's completely free and can be found on my world-building website,! It contains some adult content & sensitive topics, though, so be aware of that if you choose to check it out!

Some body type variations & clothing examples for the Rythians, in the form of 2 characters!

The initial concept & current WIP for something that I'm gonna put on my Redbubble!

Meeting the in-laws for lunch now tho so I'll have to work on it again later

thinking of making some gay smoke come out of the tailpipe but... who knows if I'll remember when I come back to it later! Lol!

When you're tired from your all-night shift and it makes you have small feelings, but that's okay because your boyfriend's feelings are big enough for the both of you.

*SCREAMS* Ilyrisian sona's for my and my wife! I was only intending this to be a quick doodle but then I spent 3 hours on it. Whoops!

There's Decitus (ver/vijak) and Pink Painter (tail-hopper/vijak, Pink for short!)

"More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds."

My mum asked me to make a christmas gift she can print on something for my brother & I’m SUPER happy with the initial sketch... So I’m gonna post it.

under a read more so if my bro looks me up he won’t see it