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Kayka Pride

Kayka believe they must excel at whatever they choose to do. If they become a shopkeep, they will only sell the highest-quality goods; if they become a blacksmith, they will only use the best materials and create the best weaponry they can; and if they become warriors, they must train as much as they possibly can.

Procrastination and slack work is considered shameful, and it is rare for a kayka to not provide fast and reliable service.

Kayka believe those who do not do their best must seek something they are able to put their passion into, and it is not uncommon for kayka to change their profession several times before settling on something they are able to devote themselves to.

Because kayka put so much emphasis on being the best they can be they are commonly mistaken for not being disability friendly. However, kayka are very adamant that their passions are about personal growth, and not about being better than or surpassing others. They say that those with disabilities may have a harder time working, but as long as that person is doing things to the best of their own personal ability they are respectable and have as much honour as anyone else.

Another misconception about kayka work ethics is that they are against the use of aids and enhanced tools, but this is false. Kayka are more than happy to use anything they can to raise the quality of their work. Things commonly seen as “shortcuts” by other Sentients, such as enchanting dishes to wash themselves, are considered good work ethic in kayka culture as they increase productivity while giving the worker more time to do other things.