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Kurloke Play

Kurloke express themselves physically. They never shy away from physical contact. They brush past each other casually, rest side-by-side, and sleep in huge piles. They’ll often make up reasons to show physical affection. These reasons are rarely questioned, as other kurloke want the physical contact as much as the one making up excuses.

They enjoy vigorous fighting rituals in which they slam into each other and try to knock each other down. They do this for a variety of rituals; but mostly, it’s a game that they play for pleasure, and to gauge each other’s strength.

A common way that kurloke agree with each other is to give a powerful shoulder bump. Often, this bump is so powerful it will knock the other kurloke down; much to the amusement of everyone involved.

They also purr; an action so loud and powerful it can cause the ground to shake and sends ripples through the thick mud of their home swamps. Their powerful purring is also used in games; they’ll pile on top of each other and purr until they make themselves sick, with the last kurloke purring being considered the winner.