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Hayt! Paying the universe forward for something nice Toro did for her once (and unbeknownst to her, she's actually helping Toro's daughter!)

1st excerpt is 200 words, 2nd is 90 words!

‘What’s your name?’

She doesn’t respond.

‘I can wait all day.’


‘Well, Hayt. I need that coin purse back.’

Hayt begrudgingly hands it over.

‘I shouldn’t, but I believe in second chances,’ he says as he takes back the coin purse. ‘So get going back to your parents.’

‘Don’t patronise me, fat-man,’ Hayt mumbles under her breath as she walks away.

Toro laughs, and the kid’s tail fluffs out when she realises he’d heard her.

‘Good mouth on you!’ he laughs. ‘Now get before I mistake you for one of my own kids and take you home with me!’

Hayt looks at him for a second, then a sly smirk appears on her face. ‘How did someone as ugly as you find a girl who’d let you have kids with her?’

Toro scoffs, then laughs.

Hayt gives him the finger, but he sees her grinning playfully and knows she’s just being a cheeky felinic kid.

‘Alright, move off before I change my mind.’

‘Hah, right,’ Hayt snorted. ‘So what? Do I owe you something now?’

‘Nah,’ Toro shook his head. ‘I’m just being a decent person. Just pay it forward when you can. … Pretend you owe the universe.’


‘You’ve done a lot for me,’ she sighs. ‘Is there anything I can do to thank you?’

‘I’m just paying forward,’ Hayt responds. ‘It’s a bit of a thing I have going on. Do something nice for someone so maybe they’ll do something nice for someone else. You know.’

‘That’s a nice idea,’ Ka’tassah grins. ‘Doesn’t sound like it came from this area.’

‘Some old guy did it for me once. Felt good. Pretty sure it made me a better person. So I make sure I do the same.’

Luana meeting Brandon (and being rude to Mairas). Two short excerpts from the same scene with all the middle bits cut out to show off the funny parts!

cw: swearing

She stared. Wide-eyed and silent. Then she moved her hands in a weird manner that Luana … didn’t understand.

‘Sorry?’ Luana flicked an ear. ‘Are you alright?’

Mairas gave a cough. ‘Luana—‘

‘—Shush, the grown-ups are talking!’ Luana interrupted, not bothering to turn to the dassen and instead offering Brandon her hand and smiling widely. ‘I’m Luana.’


‘Oh,’ Delmis sighed. Then he turned to Luana. ‘Sorry. Brandon has a speech disorder. It’s really hard for her to talk. She prefers to sign.’

‘Oh, you were signing! I feel like a dumbarse for not seeing that! Duh,’ Luana gave a grin, which Brandon half-returned. ‘That explains a lot, though. Brandon’s a much better name than Brumdam.’

‘Mmm,’ Brandon nodded. She stood for a moment before anxiously slipping past Luana and sitting at the table.

Marias quickly gave a sign, which Brandon timidly returned as Luana sat next to her.

‘Mairas, you could have told me what she was saying!’

‘I fucking tried, didn’t I!’ Mairas huffed. ‘But you fucking shushed me!’

Another brilliant paragraph from my series' early draft:

Almost as soon as he’s touched her, Hayt raises a hand and slams it into his chest. A loud CRACK is heard, and a light flashes from where her hand made contact with his chest. He goes flying backwards over the top of the crowd. As he disappears over the crowd, someone is heard yelling “YEET!” Luana can’t see him, but she hears a loud THUNK and a scream in the distance, and the sound of glass shattering and metal clanging.

‘Your life’s been pretty interesting, hasn’t it?’ she asks. ‘You could write a book like this.’

Luana nods, then laughs. ‘What would I call it?’

‘How about “Bisexual and Sneaky”?’

Just a couple of gal’s being gay!

Note that I’m not too happy with Brandon but, I’m not 100% sure why... I think I made her too thin. Gotta make her a bit chunkier

That said I’m VERY happy with mono-tit’s cute tummy and fluffy tail!

no watermark/footer coz I originally wasn’t gonna post this export online & just to my discord, but I like it. If I get the time I might add a background

‘Orphans are supposed to stay orphans; we will not raise them as our own. But they can stay with us.’

Luana cocked her head. ‘Why not?’

‘Because you’ve earned who you are, and you should be proud of your family and your independence,’ Jaji’zar explained. ‘For us to take you in as a child of our own? An insult to the parents who have raised you until now, and an insult to all you have achieved on your own. But we will provide for you, and keep you well out of respect for you.’

‘What?’ Luana said loudly. ‘Speak louder, Linzor!.’

‘I said I like the new curtains.’



Elli rolled her eyes, knowing her mother’s hearing was fine, made for the back door.

Okay I want to post something happier so here is Luana flirting with a cute girl who can’t talk very well!

Brandon prefers to communicate by writing on her blackboard, but Lua is illiterate! So they meet in the middle and Brandy draws pictures.

‘Okay, okay, that’s a dog yeah?’ Luana asked.

Brandon nodded. Then clamped her teeth together in a mock-bite.

‘Oh Scara, Brandon!’ Luana put on a mocking tone. ‘I can’t believe you bit a dog!’

For a moment, Brandon was quiet. Then she let out a loud laugh as Luana’s joke sunk in.

‘I don’t know why you’re laughing,’ Luana quipped. ‘Animal cruelty is a serious problem! You mustn’t like dogs at all!’

Brandon’s laugh continued for a moment, before she turned back her blackboard and shook her head. She doodled for a bit, and when she turned the blackboard back she’d drawn hearts around her previous drawing.

‘You love dogs?’ Luana asked— Grinning when Brandon nodded. ‘Oh, I see! It was a love bite!’

‘No!’ Brandon exclaimed. ’No nuh thah!’

Her brother’s head shot up.

‘Oh Scara, that was the clearest you’ve spoken in a long time,’ Delmis exclaimed. ‘I wasn’t paying attention— What did Luana say?’

Brandon blushed deeply, her cheeks growing so red they almost looked like part of her birthmark, and then buried her face in her hands.

A scene from about ... book 8(?) of Don’t Lose Hope. Luana stands up to the ghost of Kay’oten. Mild warning for gore(??)


Slowly, she shook her head. ‘No.’

‘What did you say to me?’

Luana took in a deep breath, setting her jaw and trying to stand tall as her trembling legs threatened to give out on her. She hesitated, holding her breath just long enough to hurt her lungs before slowly letting it out in an exhale that quivered in the dark silence.

Then she met Kay’oten’s eye and the spirit understood.

She inhaled slowly; closing her eyes and folding back her ears as she did.

Luana took a step back. Should she walk away? Now seemed the time to leave. But she felt something as Kay’oten’s too-long breath slowed to a stop. A dark feeling that tickled the feathers along her arms as her gut wrenched sideways as if to leave the alley on its own. She took a step back, ready to follow it—

Then Kay’oten’s eyes snapped open and Luana realised it was too late.

The screech was so loud Luana hardly heard it. She might have thought it was silent, if not for the sudden ringing in her ears and the shattering of windows above her.

Rats fell from their hiding places along the alley’s walls; convulsing in silent pain as cold blue blood sprayed from the place Kay’oten’s head used to be.

It spattered into Luana’s face and mouth and Luana realised she was screaming— Then it stopped. And Luana found herself stumbling in place, too shocked and hurt to collapse.

The ringing in her ears faded as quickly the cold blue glow that had filled the alley only minutes before, and she finally managed to breathe again.

‘Look what you’ve done!’ Kay’oten hissed, her headless torso swinging around to face away from the young girl.

Luana watched, frozen in place, as Kay’oten retrieved a strange ball from the ground. It took Luana a moment to realise that Kay’oten’s voice had come from the ball and not her body— And then another to realise it wasn’t a ball at all.

She stumbled back with a gasp when she realised what it was.

‘Don’t you dare run away, Luana,’ calmer, Kay’oten straightened, and slowly placed the lump of bone and flesh back in place.

Nothing happened. Not at first. Then, slowly, the crushed skull began to realign itself, and Kay’oten turned to glare at Luana; herself again.

‘If you run, I’ll kill you. I will come after you, and not even your mother will be able to stop me.’