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‘Are you real?’ she asked.

Scaychie hesitated. ‘What?’

‘Are you real?’

‘I.... Uh, yeah.’

‘Oh, good!’ the woman stood up straighter, tucking her wings behind her back and pushing her hair out of her eyes. ‘Sometimes it’s hard to tell. You know?’

Old characters from a comic I drew as a teen and never finished

Just wanted to draw some canine characters and work on face differences :3

I wanted to practice shading, but didn't want to draw anything from scratch, so I took an old piece that I wasn't completely happy with and coloured it again.

Original here:

Updated the soulstone page & redrew my favourite image on the website

Honestly not much comment. Just another set of headshots for the site :) These ones are harpy!

Progress on this so far! :3 I'm gonna hate doing the lines for this efnwjewnew

Little goat, using a photo of our boy Bean as a ref! :D Bean's been disbudded & doesn't have horns, but I added them because I'm putting this design on my redbubble & it helps it be more immediately recognisable :)

plus side to having a small tablet is you can lay down on you side in bed and draw

2010 vs 2020

Posted these on my twit the other day & thought I'd share here, too! Progress is nice.

*incoherant noises*

Remind me to never do a group shot like this again I'm dying........

Sunny & Sandy, when Sunny is turned back into a seagull (& a bonus of Sandy being human)

Redrew some of the art for the soulstone page! Not sure why the regular blue one... Ended up with a 400px res instead of a 800px res when I used the same file as a base for everything, but.......... somehow it did, lmao

Original under cut: