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3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

It’s my wife’s Wooloo. Wenf (supposed to be “Wendy” but she was too excited to type properly)

"More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds."

Hey guys look at this drawing that I did in 2015

I honestly can't think of a caption for this uh

This is Scaychie. I plan to introduce her in book 12 (and she has a book of her own between book 11 and 12 but that doesn't count)