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Oop. This art is ancient! Oh well.

I've finished part 1 of The Necromancers final draft, after like 6 years lmao. Feel free to check it out!
The main character is Jaisa Bavie. Xie's a seces farmer who was kidnapped by a cult of necromancers. The main part of the story is going to be written as a retelling of what xie went through, so it'll contain some gore/etc (including the reanimated fetus from xer miscarriage, yum)

‘Sken! NO!’ Annanyn grabbed her wife’s hands in hers and squeezed tightly. ‘Never say that. I love you as you are. And I thought— I assumed— That we were going to adopt.’

‘Adopt?’ Sken paled as realisation washed over her face. ‘Oh, Goddess. I never even thought about that—’

‘—I was waiting to suggest it,’ Annanyn swallowed. ‘Until we were ready.’

Sken took a deep breath, her gills quivering. ‘I’ve been ready for years. I’ve been sorry for years...’

This is a tale known to all seces who have set foot on land. It is told to children with dye dances before they learn to lung-breathe, and travellers have created extraordinary puppet shows to share the story at taverns and bars in ways that other sentients can understand. It is the story of a lonely undercave child who, after being separated from her family, died in the I’rekan desert. Different versions of the story depict her death differently. Some tell of her walking until her last breath, trying desperately to find water; others her sobbing herself to sleep, alone and thirsty under the three moons, only to never wake again.

The tale, originating from seces culture, has roots in the Okara religion. After her death, it is said that Mo’ay’a became an elemental spirit that now serves Nikia, the Okaras water goddess.

Seces Language

Above water, seces tend to speak their own languages through their gills. They have very unique clicking and popping sounds that they can make to express themselves. The flexibility of a seces’ gills allows them to make some unique screeches, as well, which they use to express emotion.

When they learn other languages, such as International, they make an effort to speak with their mouths. This is very difficult for them, however, and a lot of seces have trouble being understood.

While underwater, seces speak with sign language. They use their entire body to speak; swishes of their tails, motions of their hands, flaring of gills, and flicks of their fins all contribute to the language.

Seces have a “written” language that is 3D. They use carved shells or stone, or bundled seaweed, to create the shape of the words they want and will leave them in their territories as markers or signs. The language is limited to a single word per sculpture, and the words vary greatly depending on territory; meaning it is very difficult for seces from different areas to understand each other’s written languages. Because of this seces tend to dye their sculptures; coloured dye expresses emotion universally in the seces language, and by dying the words even those who don’t recognise the dialect can tell if they are a welcome or a warning.

Dye Dancing is a language made out of dance and coloured dyes; it mixes the seces sign language with the colour-emotions associations to create underwater theatre. All seces learn how to understand Dye Dance at a young age and use it to express abstract thought that they would otherwise have trouble expressing.

Seces laughter is through the gills. It’s a high, usually loud, squealing sound accompanied by chuckling. It is the only vocal seces communication that can be heard underwater.

When the seces pirates first find Candi, alone and scared in Tarork’s room, and know they can’t just leave her there.

700 words

cw: implied child abuse / implied csa

Then heavy footsteps stormed down the hall, and the wooden door splintered apart as it was kicked in by a booted foot.

Candi felt herself screaming as a seces, as green as the castle’s rose bushes, shoved the broken door aside and turned to her.

She saw the blood-covered sword in their hand as they stepped toward her and she let out another dry-throated scream. She tried to cram herself further into her hiding place, but she was already so far back she could barely move.

The seces put a hand on the bed’s head and bent down to peer at her. Their gills made a popping sound as they sighed and stood back up. They motioned to another seces —who Candi hadn’t seen come in— that had begun ransacking the room.

The second seces stopped rifling through Tarork’s drawers as the first discarded their sword onto the bed and crouched down at the opening to the gap.

The pair motioned to each other with their hands, as if having a silent conversation, before the second gave a frustrated grunt and joined the first.

The minute they laid eyes on Candi their gills clamped down hard and they gave a disgusted hiss.

The first seces edged forward and reached out a hand to Candi. ‘Come out. We won’t hurt you.’

The blood smeared over their clothes said otherwise, and Candi didn’t believe them. She pressed back further into the gap and shook her head. She could barely breathe.

The second seces sighed, and quickly pulled off their shirt and offered it to her. She didn’t take it, at first, but when they placed it on the floor in front of her and backed away she slowly —carefully— took it and slipped it over her head.

It was awkward. The space was so cramped she could barely lift her arms. And the shirt was so big it fit her like a dress. … Though, being covered to her knees was a relief. Even if the shirt was covered in a sticky, salty slime from the seces.

‘Come out,’ the first seces urged. ‘It’s okay. We won’t hurt you. Will we, Pexziz?’

Pexziz shook their head. ‘Nos. We’ses won’ts. Youses ares too smalls.’

Candi shook her head again.

‘What’s your name?’ the first seces asked, edging closer to the gap’s entrance. ‘I’m Kei.’

Candi didn’t dare answer. Not that she would have been able to if she’d tried, her throat was so sore and dry.

‘Come on, sweet,’ Kei carefully slid towards her. They barely fit into the gap with her, but after a bit of wiggling they managed to ease close enough to put a hand on her knee. ‘We’ll help you.’

Candi wasn’t sure she believed them. They were twice her size, and covered in blood. And had scars that made them look like they’d been in a hundred wars.

She swallowed, and knew she was shivering.

‘I’mses movings the beds,’ said Pexziz. ‘Justs a littles bits. Don’tses gets scareds.’

She couldn’t help it. Her heart was already pounding— And when the bed shifted a few inches away and Kei moved closer she let out another dry-throat cry and instinctively kicked out at them.

Not that it did much. She was too weak to fight as they brushed her flailing legs to the side and wrapped their arms around her.

‘Shh,’ Kei breathed.

For a moment she didn’t know what the seces was doing and struggled. … But when she felt them begin to rock her back and forth she felt herself relax, and leant into the embrace and closed her eyes.

‘It’s alright,’ they whispered. ‘You’re alright.’

‘Captains ises goings to’s wants to’s hearses abouts this,’ Pexziz muttered. ‘I’lls goes tells him.’

Candi heard the seces’ footsteps as they hurried out of the room and toward the commotion on deck. She lost track of them when Kei pushed back her ears and kissed her forehead.

‘It’s okay,’ they told her. ‘Don’t listen to what’s happening up there. You’re safe here with me.’

She didn’t know why, but she actually believed them this time.

She couldn’t believe she believed them. But she couldn’t help it. She shivered as the seces cradled her against their chest— Their heartbeat was calming and she was sure her own was slowing to match it.

Some choice screenshots of my novel, featuring Sken! The jealous but kind-hearted lesbian fish-lady!