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A trio of very rough designs for Stranded... Ben did not take very long to draw, at all.

3 months and I finally have my laptop back and aren't stuck on a mobile device, so I can do proper concept art again!

Though, my screen is not calibrated so I did a quick test using a creature for Stranded, which also filled my "I NEED TO DESIGN SOMETHING DUMB" urge!

Emmy, from my wife's project, Stranded!

She's going to be voiced by twitter/Heidi_Sprite_VA (check her out!)

C. Jade Wyton || Stranded

Concept art for Stranded, which I have permission to post without a watermark! This is not where they’re stranded btw; this is their home. They’re stranded somewhere more hospitable and they’re FURIOUS about it!

“Hold down this man your man will steal you.” - @curripuff , attempting to say something coherent about her own OC.

Some body type variations & clothing examples for the Rythians, in the form of 2 characters!

Feedback from the first designs, combining the features that were wanted, making some edits that were asked for, and showing a few more options!

I don't usually show my character design process with my own OCs so it's real nice that I have permission from Charlie to post these as they get done!

Not my own story, but @curripuff 's!

I do a lot of rewriting for friends and family >:) Sometimes I seriously consider opening rewriting commissions, but my own projects are already going slow enough so I'm not really sure on that (eek)