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Dale slammed the breaks on the car, stopping in the middle of the quiet road. ‘Where did you learn that!’

‘Trish said it while babysitting me,’ Gavin beamed. ‘She gave me five dollars not to tell mum.’

Little Demon's first word.

cw: swearing

‘Maybe I should get Coff something nice,’ Ka’harja mused. He held Little Demon under the arms and lifted him up against the sky. ‘What do you think, you scabby little fucker? Should I get him chocolate or flowers?’

Little Demon gave a gurgle, and Ka’harja laughed and pulled him back against his chest.

‘Hah, idiot,’ Ka’harja teased. ‘That’s what you are, aren’t you? Stupid!’

‘F. ... Flu!

‘That’s a new noise,’ snickering, Ka’harja adjusted the wiggling infant until he was more comfortable. ‘You trying to say flowers? Flowers. Can you say that?’

‘F. ... Fuck.’

Ka’harja felt his blood ice over.



Oh Eighth Child of the Ninth.

‘Uh, right,’ Ka’harja smacked his lips together and stood straight. ‘Right. Right. Baku? Baku!’

Baku stuck his head out of the caravan he’d disappeared into. ‘Yeah?’

‘Hold this for me,’ he didn’t wait for a response before thrusting Little Demon info Baku’s arms. ‘I have to— I gotta go.’

‘Ka’harja!’ Baku called back loudly as Ka’harja disappeared around a corner. ‘Hey! No! Stars asked you to look after him! I’m busy! Sken said. ... BY THE GODDESS KA’HARJA WHAT DID TOU DO TO HIM?’

Elli tries to be nice to a stressed-out Scaychie, then Linzor enters and is his usually manipulative self.

380 words

cw. implied abuse // swearing

‘Please, say something,’ Scaychie sighed. ‘Have I made you mad, Elli? If I have please, tell me what I did—‘

‘—Scaychie, honey? Are you okay?’ Elli put a hand on Scaychie’s shoulder, and Scaychie let out a shriek and whirled around. Elli jumped back when she did, narrowly dodging a slap that was aimed at her.

Scaychie stared for a second, her mouth hanging open, before she glanced at the jacket-covered chair and blushed. ‘I... I’m sorry. I thought that was you.’

Elli tried not to grin as she picked up her jacket and threw it over her shoulders. ‘I was just coming to grab it. ... You really thought it was me? Even when it didn’t reply to you?’

Scaychie gave a timid nod and rubbed her arms. ‘I thought I might’ve done something to piss you off.’

‘Oh, honey, no,’ Elli shook her head. ‘I would never treat you like that. Even if I was angry. You know that, right?’

‘Oh— Uh ... yeah. Sure.’

‘Are you alright?’


‘Do you need a glass of water or—‘

‘—No,’ Scaychie dismissed. ‘I’m fine.’

Elli didn’t believe her. She watched the young woman scratch anxiously at the tight choker around her neck, and for a second thought she caught sight of a bruise on her shoulder— But before she could ask the door flew open and Scaychie hurriedly adjusted her shawl as Linzor strode into the room.

‘Where have you been!’ he demanded. ‘I’ve been looking for you everywhere!’


‘—She’s been with me,’ Elli chided back. ‘Honestly, Linzor, calm down. What would your mother say if she heard you talking like that?’

Linzor’s lip twitched as he stared at the girls, but then he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. ‘Elli, perhaps you shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about the dead.’

‘This is literally a funeral, Linzor. My grandfather. Or did you forget?’

‘I didn’t forget. I just don’t care,’ he retorted, lifting a wing and motioning Scaychie out the door. ‘No offence.’

‘“No offence”?’ Elli choked. ‘You can’t just— You can’t just tack “no offence” on the end of things you giant cunt!’

Linzor’s raised wing turned on Elli, brushing over her heavily and nearly sending her to the floor as Linzor grinned wickedly. ‘Honestly, Elli, calm down.’

Little Demon's biological father shows up in book 3. He told his wife about sleeping with Stars and leaving her in Heck'ne, and Timamisa wanted to meet her and Little Demon and try to set things right and offer Stars support.

Raidus, who loves Stars very dearly, is a touch protective.

225 words

cw: swearing

Ka’harja watched as Raidus took Fabecutt’s hand. He shook it perhaps a little too hard— And his grin was just a little too fake. But the girls didn’t seem to notice.

Or maybe they just didn’t care. Raidus wasn’t exactly being subtle as he forced the dassen into a not-so-friendly embrace, and pressed his lips intimately close to his ear and whispered so quietly Ka’harja had to strain to hear.

If you even look at Stars again I’ll bite your throat out.

There it was.

Fabecutt didn’t argue with Raidus as he was released. He didn’t even seem surprised by the threat. He just looked defeated as Stars and Timamisa watched on, seemingly oblivious to the menacing way Raidus was catching his tongue-ring on his fangs.

Surely Ka’harja wasn’t the only one who saw this happening?

‘I think you two are going to get alone well!’ Timamisa chirped.

‘Yes! Just like me and my brother!’ Stars agreed, matching Timamisa’s tone. Ka’harja could almost think it was genuine— But then, he’d met Lah’kort. And his suspicions were only confirmed as Timamisa headed for the door and Stars’ smile fell before she followed.

As soon as they were out the door, Fabecutt was against the wall.

‘Touch Stars again and it’ll be me fucking your wife!’ Raidus hissed. ‘You got that, undercut?’

Fabecutt nodded.

Renismia shows her true self to Swiftwater. He doesn’t handle it well.

400 words

cw: swearing

I slide off my cloak, letting the cold touch my no-longer-skin and expose myself to Swiftwater.

He stares for a long moment before leaping to his feet. ‘WHAT THE FUCK!’

‘This is me,’ I tell him quietly. ‘Without magic.’

‘You’re a liquid!’ he squeaks, running his hands through his hair frantically. ‘You’re a fucking liquid!’

Slowly I nod.

‘How?’ he asks, the pink in his cheeks fading until he’s as white as snow. ‘H-How? You— You feel like a person!’

‘I am,’ I mutter. ‘At least on top. Brokenberg made me the cloak. It gives me the illusion of flesh and blood.’

‘Brokenberg make you th—’ he pauses, then turns to my cloak. ‘I knew it. I knew it was my mother’s!’

‘I’m sorry,’ I manage.

‘Father!’ Swiftwater rushes out of the room, ignoring my apology. ‘Father! Brokenberg!’

‘He’s not here,’ I mutter as I follow. ‘He went to buy supplies.’

‘Reni—’ Swiftwater pauses again, and takes a long, deep breath. ‘You’re made from water.’


He takes and deep breath steps towards me, eyes wide. Without another word, he raises a hand and very, very slowly reaches for me.

At first his hand rests against me, but then the surface tension of my shoulder breaks and his hand sinks into me and we stand for a moment.

Then he screams.

‘Swiftwater!’ I exclaim as he retreats into the bedroom. ‘Swiftwater please!’

‘You’re the Water-Born!’ he shouts through the door.

I try and push the door open, but he pushes back and it shuts on me with a bang.

‘Swiftwater …’ this time, I’m the one to pause. I feel so much welling inside me that I’d never felt before. I don’t know what it is— I just know I don’t like it.

‘This isn’t happening,’ he mutters to himself. ‘This isn’t real.’

But I am real.

The feeling in my chest grows stronger, and I feel words choke out of me. I don’t know what I’m saying until I’ve said it, ‘You said you loved me.’

Swiftwater goes quiet as my body lets out a choking sound— A sob.

Then the door opens and I land on the floor with a quiet splat.

‘I do,’ he says gently, offering me his hand. ‘I do. I’m sorry. I just. … Well— You’re a liquid, Renismia! The Water-Born.’

I can’t meet his eye. ‘I don’t want to be.’

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A 461 word excerpt of Chapter 3 of Flickers of the Heart!

Enjoy, let us know what you think!

CW: swearing, sex mention

‘Speaking of… Here comes the sun-hating gremlin herself! Lauren, love, come get some breakfast.’

‘Shh,’ a familiar chubby hand reached past Abernach, placing a finger on Alden’s lips as it’s owner leant onto Abernach’s back and groaned. ‘Morning bad. Food good.’

‘Are you hung over?’ Alden asked.

‘Not when you’re the one asking,’ the hand replied.

‘You shouldn’t be in this state,’ Alden scolded. ‘You’re a priest. Priests don’t get drunk— Especially not at parties that they had to sneak out to.’

Lauren responded with a long sniff. ‘I didn’t sneak out. I walked out the front door. Because I’m not a coward like Brother Tomas.’

‘Tomas doesn’t sneak out,’ Gramfryr said, his lights brightening the same way they had when he’d lied about Tomas before.

‘You’re not as good a liar as you think you are, Grammy,’ Lauren smirked, poking the neovi in the shoulder.

‘Don’t call me Grammy,’ Gramfryr huffed. ‘You make me sound like an old lady.’

‘I mean, we all know you take dick like one—’

‘LAUREN!’ Alden shouted.

‘Hangover!’ Lauren replied, covering her ears.

Abernach just frowned. ‘What’s a dick?’

Silence fell over the kitchen as the older men stiffened, eyeing Abernach as if they had forgotten about her.

‘I’ll tell you later,’ Lauren offered.

‘You will not,’ Alden retorted.

‘It’s a guy thing,’ Gramfryr offered.


‘What? She’s an adult, Alden!’ Gramfryr defended, his gills flaring a little. ‘Don’t be ableist.’

‘I’m not—‘

‘—You are,’ Gramfryr interrupted. ‘Anyway, Lauren? I heard you managed to pick up the gift yesterday.’

‘Don’t change the subject!’

‘I did,’ Laure replied. ‘It’s in my room, I think.’

‘You think?’ Gramfryr clamped his teeth, sucking in a hiss of air as he turned his back to the protesting Alden.

‘Well, it was there last time I checked.’

‘Gramfryr! I’m not done with you!’ Alden huffed. ‘Don’t ignore me!’

‘I’m not ignoring you, Brother Alden,’ Abernach offered.

Alden sighed, and put a hand on Abernach’s shoulder. ‘I know, sweetheart.’

Abernach offered the old man a smile. ‘What were we talking about, again?’


‘—Dicks,’ Lauren called over Gramfryr’s shoulder.

‘What?’ Abernach cocked her head. ‘What’s a—‘

‘—Nothing you’re going to need to worry about for a long time,’ Alden told her, quickly putting an arm around the tail-hopper and leading her away from the two cackling degenerates. As they pushed through the door into the dining hall, she heard him mutter under his breath, ‘Hopefully.’

‘YOU CAN’T KEEP HER HOLY FOREVER!’ Lauren called after the pair.

‘I CAN FUCKING WELL TRY!’ Alden snapped, before turning to the hall full of people and falling silent. He stared at the faces of priests and children before putting a hand over his face and muttering another curse, which Abernach barely made out.

Centela,, was just being polite. In the Heck’ne way.

cw: swearing

‘Say hello to Mingan,’ Scaychie gave her son a gentle shove forward.

‘I was gonna!’ Centela rolled his eyes, and walked over to Mingan.

‘Hi,’ Mingan blushed.

Centela took a deep breath— Then head-butted Mingan. Before she was done squealing, he tugged her out of her chair and dropped her on the floor.

‘Centela!’ Linzor snapped. ‘What the fuck are you doing!’

‘I said hi both ways!’ Centy whined, stomping his foot. ‘Both dassen and harpy! What did I do wrong!’

‘I’m so sorry!’ Scaychie exclaimed, grabbing her son as Elli picked up her daughter. ‘He— He’s used to his siblings! They play rough.’

Linzor growled. ‘You little shit! You know better than to—’

‘—It’s okay!’ Mingan chirped as her mother helped her back into her chair. ‘He didn’t hurt me!’

Linzor grumbled, and looked away as Scaychie quickly crouched down and brushed dirt off Mingan’s dress.