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beefox asked:

how do organise your world building? bee not very good at organization but trying to be better!

Oof I don't actually know if I'm any good at it xD I just use what works for me, personally, with my large-scale project. Things usually get messier the more I work and I need to keep cleaning them up and putting them back in order as I go.

But I guess the short answer is "Categories, sub-categories, templates, and a to-do list with important things in bold."

Throwing the longer answer under a read more to be polite to the dashboard,

You can actually see a lot of my world building on the website I use to host things publically HERE. I tend to actually use the website more than I use my desktop files for it because it has images and is laid out more visual than just plain text documents. You're welcome to click around without actually reading anything to see how I organise things! And also welcome to mimic the layouts or make templates from my stuff if there's anything that you think is useful/helpful. There is NSFW content on the site though (both written and drawn) so I'd be wary if you don't like seeing that sort of thing.

IMO, the navigation bar is the most important part of my website because it breaks everything down into categories that I find easy to navigate through.

The interactive medium of the website makes it REALLY easy for me to click around and find information and make small edits to my world building. I also make sure to keep keywords as consistent as possible so I can ctrl+f anything I'm looking for.

My desktop files are laid out in a similar way in a program called Scrivener. There are also some alternative programs (more) but out of all the ones I tried I found Scrivener worked best for me because it's also on iPhone as well and sync files to the desktop, and I'm always moving from place to place so having a way to edit on the move is an essential thing for me. The program itself is not really essential, just helpful for keeping things from getting lost in folders on the desktop, which used to happen a lot to me because I used a shared computer growing up and had to keep everything on several 4GB USBs, which all got full pretty fast. Would not recommend that method ;(

Here's a screenshot of my binder in Scrivener, though I need to reorganise a few things because I rearranged them on the website and didn't edit the binder to match.

The closed folders have a lot of text documents inside them, each one for something that fits the category. Things that are unfinished are marked with "WIP" so I don't forget and miss them when looking for something to edit.

The "NOTES" file is essential to me. Any thoughts for new lore or things I need to edit gets put into the notes file, so I can come back to it later when I have time to write and put it where it needs to be. I also use it to note if I've changed something (EG, an event date) and need to double check other pages for inconsistencies.

Everything also has at least 2 drafts. The first draft is SO incredibly messy because only I have to understand it. It's usually fragmented notes that I've scrambled together under subheadings and am too embarrassed to show to people. The second draft is organising that information and making it readable and clear (not necessarily good, though). Then I move on to making the information enjoyable to read, though I only do the last part because I'm posting my work publicly. If you're keeping things private it'll save a LOT of time and effort to just keep it clear and readable.

For templates, I use them for pages that I know need to be longer. For something like pages about animal species I may just have something like "Where are they from + variations + dangerous or pet?" as a note so I can add important information. For longer things like sapient species I use something more like this one:

The coding is prefilled for the website layout, so things stay consistant :)

I also have spreadsheets for things such as language. Lots of people make viable colangs that could actually be learnt and spoken but, I have enough trouble with English sometimes and don't stress about making things a real language. My spreadsheets are more like "cheat sheets" that I use for quick reference to keep things consistant. This one is messy but it's the one I had on-hand:

And uhhh that's,, pretty much it for all I can think of of how I organise my world building!

I also use for character organisation and know they have a few features for world building, but I don't use those features myself.

I need to redraw this because it's from 2017, but here's one of the best creature designs I've ever done.

Meet the grum, a magical legend in the Rendi that grant wishes and leave behind glittery residue that brings good luck.

Yes those are bald, human legs.

"This eventually led to her stepping down willingly from the position as ruler, which changed the power dynamic of the Heck’ne greatly and was the first step to the Har’py tradition “kan mup mala’kala,” or “eat the bad Prophet,” which is rather self-explanatory."

Though sexual dimorphism in harpies is often used to quickly identify the biological sex of a harpy, it is common to be corrected on pronoun usage by niritaka (transgender) or haykafica (intersex) harpy. Haykafica harpy make up roughly 3% of the known Heck’ne population, and niritaka make up almost 10% of the population. Niritaka are most common in harpy families that socialise with the local seces people, though they are found across Heck’ne and their high population in areas with seces is simply put down to having a better education of gender identity.

Redrew the sabre for the website! The old image was a good size but super dated and I want to streamline everything and make it look more polished. I'm love this fella's big eyes!

Original under cut (2017)

Almost all naga have flat noses with broad bridges. This aids in above-water breathing and makes their sense of smell very strong both on land and underwater. When underwater, naga smell by exhaling through their nose; this breath is trapped by mucus and remains attached to the naga’s face as a large bubble until they choose to inhale them again. Naga can make mucus bubbles while above water, but most choose not to because most land-dwelling Sentients find them unappealing and “gross.”

Plesiosauria, often shortened to plesio, are a family of large marine reptiles found on the borders of the unexplored territories.

The Dassen Origin is a story known by both dassen and zokex races. It’s a tale that took place before the awakening of The Goddess Scara, back when Das was still whole and unshattered by the Island Mover.

Ice bears are large, white ursidae that are native to the Kazzaquin ice deserts, surviving as low as -50 degrees Celsuis. They’re popular pets on Aurn’la Ann and are often used as mounts by the smaller races.

Deer wasps are a giant wasp native to Das. They are a species of emerald cockroach wasp that has adapted to life on the Das islands. They are much, much bigger than their cockroach-hunting cousins and hunt Das’ megafauna— most commonly deer. … And when other animals are unavailable, they have no qualms about using Sentient settlers to lay their eggs.

Landscape layouts for the new Demrefor map! :D

Finished maps for Demrefor (reuploaded because waterfall... did something weird when I tried to fix an error)

Basic // Land Sentient Territories // Seasons

Maps I still need to do:



International Political Influence

Original Carra'Jor Map by Echo

Incorrectly made Torat Map

Rough Landscapes

Ocean Sentient Territories

These guys are rarely seen; they're a Mystic race native to Bia Boralis and are the reason Sentients don't travel past the edge of that continent. They're not violent; just not social with other races & don't often allow them on their land.

I've actually wanted to put these guys in for a while in the outer territories, but with the map redraw I might as well give them some concept art!

Demrefor's map redraw is going well!

It's definitely a lot cleaner, though I'm probably going to change up some of the patterns/colours a bit more to avoid eyestrain (looking at you, Konde)

The Dassen Origin is a story known by both dassen and zokex races. It’s a tale that took place before the awakening of The Goddess Scara, back when Das was still whole and unshattered by the Island Mover. It’s the tale of a shape shifting zokex, named Adoration, who started a nurlak-worshipping cult. The cult did a lot of morally questionably actions during their formative years and, after being banished from zokex society, moved on to outright horrible acts. Their most famous crime was the mutilation and murder of a young nurlak child whose body they used to create a form-changing potion. This potion was supposed to turn the members of the cult into nurlaks, but due to the brutal nature of the murder, the ancient nurlak gods punished the zokex and their potion only half-worked, leaving them stuck halfway between nurlak and zokex; the first dassens.

[also my fave paragraph from the story's below the cut]

cw: gore / death

It wasn’t long before the cult began to test their boundaries, and Adoration did the unforgivable. The old sun set in orange and pink, and in the dimming light of the night she stole a nurlak out a temple’s window. A child, no more than a decade old, who was stripped of their skin while still alive and torn apart by the ravenous dragons. The blood and flesh of the young one was used to create a serum of change. Magic imbued into them from the gory ritual, the zokex shared the foul drink and called to the nurlak gods for their rewards. The serpents were disgusted.


(Excuse any typos, this page hasn't been fully proofread yet! Finally got it down though and that's a win!)

Ghosts are the most pure form of undead. They are the soul of a person that has not moved on and who remains on the planet despite having moved into the incorporeal realm.

Though they have shifted to another realm many ghosts are able to appear to people, especially people with a strong connection to soul magic, dream magic, telepathy, or those with prophetic powers. Their appearance is similar to what they were in life but also may reflect how they saw themselves. A strong, focused spirit may appear as their ideal selves; while a spirit that is less in control will look closer to how they were in death— Often, when a ghost becomes upset their visual form will shift to match how they appeared upon their death. This can give some disturbing visuals as the spirit may suddenly age or have wounds ripped into their bodies.

Ghosts are rarely seen when they do not want to be seen, even by people with strong spirit-seeing abilities. Some ghosts may also appear to people who otherwise would not be able to see them, though this takes a particularly strong spirit. These spirits are usually so strong that they are able to interact with the physical world as poltergeists. This poltergeist ability is also shared by some weaker spirits who may still have a connection to the physical world. These spirits are recognised by the sticky, black trail of soul that they leave behind on objects they touch or in places they have been seen.

Though some spirits may appear to the living, there is one that may prevent even the strongest spirit from returning to a loved one— Grief. Grief acts as a blockade for spirits and the people who miss them, and if either grieves for the other it becomes more difficult to create contact. Not much is known about why this effect comes from grief, and some people argue that it doesn’t exist (though there is more evidence for it than against it, including the testimony of Immortal Queen Distro).

It is believed that ghosts are not always formed by the death of a person. They are formed by the expulsion of a soul from a body, and there are theories on the creation and destruction of souls, and whether severe and permanent memory loss is a form of spiritual death that creates or destroys a spirit. There have been claims from those with memory trauma who say they’ve seen the ghosts of their past selves, but no definitive proof has ever been documented. This theory is most commonly believed in the Rendi, where the spirits of past memories are referred to as the “lost siblings” of those who suffer amnesia. It is also known that several Mystic races, such as taurs and fauns, share similar beliefs.

Did some tweaking to the Caves and Creatures system after getting feedback from my wife and brother (both long-time RPers), and after making some mock-up characters to see what was working and what wasn't.

Here's version 3 of the character sheets!

‘There’s nothing wrong with looking after your children, Tru’man.’

‘I know— But this is why she teases me. I don’t do as I should.’

‘Who cares?’ Scaychie replied. ‘You’re being a good father; that’s more important than anything anyone could ever say about you.’

Tru’man looked stunned for a moment before giving Scaychie a weak smile. ‘You’re too kind to me. But I don’t think you know how we do things here. Kekiks sing. Zelkins sing. And reks sing.’

‘Then what do fathers do?’ Scaychie asked. ‘Sons and brothers?’

‘We listen, and we let ourselves be soft,’ he replied as if it were a simple fact. Then, when Scaychie didn’t stop frowning, he sighed and shook his head. ‘It’s hard to explain to an outsider. Maybe if I could tell you in Har’py it might make more sense, but I can’t say it properly with these words.’

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Captain Kurrosa.

Not posting much about her coz she's with a thing for my friends, but she's fun to work with.

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A siren! Careful, it bites!