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Before Elli could say anything, Sensin had picked Ykelt up under the arms and was holding him up in the air like a limp sack of fruit.

‘Come near Elli again and I will snap you in half like the twig you are!’ he growled, giving the man a shake. ‘How dare you take advantage of her like that! I will end you!’

>TFW you fuck your sister-in-law, so her husband picks you up under the arms and your life flashes before your eyes making you regret every choice you've ever made leading up to this moment and you realise you love your own wife and vow to never cheat on her ever again

Elli, a Canis diplomat, married one of Konde's princes to help make a peace treaty. Then she goes and screws it up by having an affair with the prince of Canis. Needless to say, it's a drama that causes a very serious meeting between the two kingdoms.

Distro, though, knows how to diffuse a room.

200 words

‘If we are seeking forgiveness for our past mistakes from our allies, doesn’t it make sense to offer them the same curtesy?’

Nirine stared at her son in disbelief as her court muttered disapprovingly. Elli could feel their gazes boring into her. As well as the gazes of the Canis diplomats. The only eyes she could see that didn’t look like daggers were Ykelt’s— And Distro’s.

Distro was shaking her head, but her gaze was soft and forgiving. Then she took a deep breath and addressed the room. ‘He’s right, and I’m willing to forgive you, Nirine.’

‘You— Excuse me?’

The room began to mutter, and Elli was stunned. What?

‘I’m willing to forgive you, for the actions of your daughter-in-law,’ Distro clarified, grinning widely. ‘She seduced my grandson, you see. And now we’re caught in this slurry of political drama. And I just want you to know I forgive you. And I especially forgive your son for not keeping her satisfied— If you know what I mean!

The comical wink Distro gave made the room fall silent.

Then Sensin’s mother laughed, and shook her head. ‘You forgive him for. ... Oh, Distro! Oh, Goddess, Distro.’

When you have sex with another man's wife, so he picks you up under the arms like a baby & your life flashes before your eyes making you regret every choice you've ever made leading up to this moment & you realise you love your own wife & vow to never cheat on her ever again.

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‘I don’t know what you’re talking about—’

‘—Yes. You do.’

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I want to post the draft of the scene that this drawing’s from, so I’m reblogging it instead of making a new post.

910 words

cw: fighting / implied spousal abuse / implied child abuse / implied sexual assault / implied drugging

‘Oh, HE’S Ykelt?’ Scaychie asked Sensin. ‘Keeyata’s told me about him…’

Before Sensin had even opened his mouth to reply to Scaychie, she’d made her way over to the two men and cut off their conversation.

‘Oh, hello, aren’t you handsome?’ Scaychie asked in a too-fake voice. ‘What’s your name?’

Centela could see the reactions of both men from his hiding place. Ykelt blinked dumbly at the affection … and his father went red and stiff, holding himself back.

‘Scaychie, why don’t we go for a walk?’ Linzor asked.

‘I’d rather stay with this lovely man,’ Scaychie replied, leaning into Ykelt and running a hand across his chest.

Ykelt almost leapt backwards, his face flushing. ‘No— Married. I’m married. And you’re too young.’

‘Scaychie, behave yourself,’ Linzor warned.

‘Why should she?’ Sensin retorted. ‘It’s not like you do.’

‘I beg your pardon—’

‘—I know what you did!’ Sensin snapped. Then he lowered his voice to a growl that Centela didn’t understand.

Linzor straightened up, and Centela knew he was angry. But he held it in and smiled. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about—’

‘—Yes. You do.’

Ykelt glanced between Linzor and Sensin, anxiety radiating off him in such thick waves it was almost visible as an aura around him.

Then, Linzor turned to Scaychie. ‘Did you take your medicine this morning?’

Scaychie cocked her head. ‘Med. … Medicine?’

Centela almost asked the same question.

‘You’re more of a child than Centela sometimes, I swear it!’ Linzor let out a heavy sigh and grabbed his wife roughly by the arm. He tugged her towards the door with an exaggerated sigh. ‘I apologise for her behaviour, Ykelt. She’s supposed to be taking anti-psychotic medicine. She’s not herself without it and does things she shouldn’t.’

Linzor slammed the door behind him and Scaychie, and Ykelt let out a heavy sigh.

‘If anyone’s psychotic it’s him,’ Sensin muttered. ‘What a fucking pervert.’

‘He’s always been interested in Elli,’ Ykelt chuckled, though it was weak. ‘She’s never returned the feelings. It’s nothing new.’

‘You know what he did to her, right?’ Sensin sighed.

Centela heard Ykelt shuffle, and leant closer to the door to try and see better through the crack.

‘What, like when we were kids?’

‘No. I mean at the funeral.’

‘No? What— What did he do?’


Sensin cut off as Centela slipped and the cupboard door creaked. He held his breath as the two men turned to him, and hoped they would ignore it.

But instead, Sensin let out a sigh and shook his head, ‘Centy. Come out of there.’

Centela crept out of the cupboard. His scales were both burning with embarrassment and ice cold with fear— He felt dizzy he was so scared of what Sensin would say.

Sensin turned to Ykelt. ‘We’ll talk later. Don’t bring it up with Elli. It still upsets her.’

‘Right,’ Ykelt anxiously shuffled. He walked to the door, but paused. ‘Elli’s okay, right?’

Sensin nodded. But Centela could tell it was curt.

‘Right. Is there anything I can do?’

‘We’ll talk later.’

Centela watched Ykelt leave, his heart pounding so loud that he couldn’t hear the door click shut.

Then Sensin turned to him and his scales turned to ice as his heart went silent and his head spun. He looked mad. So mad.

But he didn’t say anything as he picked up Centela and sat with him on the bed. And not a single word escaped him as he picked up a brush from his bedside table and started smoothing Centela’s hair.

Centela could tell he was furious. Even though he wasn’t rough, every stroke of the brush felt as bad as one of his father’s strikes, and after only minutes the child couldn’t bare the quiet as he waited for his punishment.

‘I’m sorry,’ Centela managed. ‘You can yell at me if you want.’

‘I’m not going to yell at you,’ Sensin said, in such a gentle tone Centela almost believed him.

‘But you’re mad at me.’

‘No, I’m not,’ Sensin’s let Centela’s hair run through his fingers before he rested a hand on the child’s back. ‘Not at you.’

‘Not at me?’ Centela asked. ‘But I— I broke the rules.’

‘And after hearing that, I’m sure you’re wishing you hadn’t,’ said Sensin.

Centela couldn’t disagree. ‘Did yalfit hurt Elli?’

Sensin paused. Then sighed and spoke quietly, ‘Yes.’

Centy nodded, and looked at the floor. ‘Is that why she’s so sad all the time?’

Sensin took a deep breath and put down the brush. ‘Elli is— She’s ill. She has been for a while.’

‘What’s she sick with?’

‘It’s called … depression,’ Sensin explained. ‘It means it’s hard to feel happy. Even when good things happen. And it means the bad things feel extra bad.’

‘Oh,’ Centela breathed. ‘Will she get better?’

‘In time,’ said Sensin. ‘Do you ever get sad?’

‘Sometimes,’ Centela replied. ‘But not like yalfit-rek does.’


‘Yalfit-rek,’ Centela repeated. ‘Keeyata. She gets so sad she can’t even eat. Then she cries until she can’t breathe. Yalfit yells at her when she does. Then him and kekik get into fights about it. Which just makes yalfit-rek more upset.’

Sensin put an arm around Centela and gave him a comforting squeeze, and Centela wished he could tell him more. But he knew he couldn’t. His father would be angry enough if he found out what he’d already said.

‘Can I go to sleep?’ Centela asked.